I was a slacker this weekend

I didn’t get squat done! Well OK I might and squatted and got that done, but I didn’t get much of anything done. My usual Saturday morning breakfast partner backed out Friday evening. So I didn’t have to get up early. I did anyway. Made coffee and oatmeal (not that instant crap, real old fashioned oatmeal) and had some OJ. Surfed the web a bit then decided it was time to get to the Y before it got too crowded. I was ready to go by 9:20. My youngest went with me. She’s been lifting weights too. Wife and eldest said they would meet us there in about 30 minutes. Her thinking is this – she does either 8 or 9 machines with two sets of 8. And she finishes 20 minutes before I do. My lifting is done on 11 stations, 12 reps the first set at a heavy weight and the second set is 15 reps with a lighter weight. On a day when there are no rezos, I can finish i my workout in about 45 minutes. Not bad. But with the rezos present it takes every bit of an hour. The rezos came in as I finished my first set and was already starting the second set. And wife came in with them. Needless to say I finished my second set and she was only on her 3 machine. I told her I’d track down the girls. They were playing racquetball. They didn’t want to go with me, they wanted to wait on mom. So I went on home.

I’ve noticed the waves of rezos at the Y … first wave hit last week in December. It surged again that first week of January. Then it backed off a bit. It’s surging again. People who “forgot” the resolution. People who don’t know what they are doing and they get hurt/strain themselves thinking I’ll work harder and see results quicker. I see more people get discouraged that first month. I was. It happens to everyone with unreal expectations. Honestly, what is the best/most realistic expectation to have when it comes to loosing weight? When I realized that it was between 1 and 3 pounds a week I realized that 35lbs (yes, Saturday was the day I broke the 35 pound mark) over the course of a year isn’t bad at all considering I don’t diet. I’ve not restricted my calorie intake. To loose a pound of fat you have to burn 3,500 calories … of fat. Not every calorie you burn comes from fat. 40 to 60% of it comes from sugar already in you blood. That’s why every exercise session should begin with a mild warm up. That warm up tells your body “hey! it’s time to work! look for energy sources!” … and by starting slow your body thinks “it’s not an emergency so don’t worry about the sugar in the blood, grab that fat and start burning it. you may have to use some sugar to start it burning though!” Your body uses the sugar to instant on, emergency energy … for things like having to run away from lions or tigers … or dinosaurs … or that one special in-law you don’t like … or that guy that’s been hanging around the gym trying to score a date … or that stalker ex-girlfriend … instant on get away from the scene energy. You want the long slow burn of fat … you have to trick the body into starting that process. Warm up first! No, no stretching! Hit the elliptical for 10 minutes .. then lift. THEN stretch when you are done. Most injuries occur because people did not warm up before “stretching” or using their muscles.

OK so what else made me a slacker? I didn’t walk the dog. I didn’t clean the garage. I still have to finish going through the stuff in the computer area, I did clean up around the treadmill. I got it dusted and cleaned of dog hair and lubed the track. But I didn’t run. Nope … not once. I wanted to. I had planned on it. But things “suddenly came up” as Marcia Brady would say. Saturday was the “reward day” for grade cards. Youngest brought home A’s and B’s so we took her out to see a movie or 2. That tied up 6 hours because it entailed going to Wal-Mart for her to spend some Christmas gift cards and then out to eat as well. So I lost the last part of Saturday to that. I was to tired (from being lazy, does that make sense?) Youngest had a basketball game in Milford (about 45 minute drive) at 1pm. Coach wanted her there at 12:30 so we have to leave by 11:40. We had to stop for some groceries and at McD’s for the youngest (I’ve not eaten there since September). Didn’t get home until almost 4pm. And by the time I got done reading email and chatting with a friend or two on-line I didn’t have time to run before my brother-in-law’s birthday party/dinner. I didn’t get home from that until after 8pm. And then it’s too late to run. So I didn’t run either day this weekend. I didn’t get anything cleaned up that I wanted to clean up. But yet it was still a good weekend. But without running … I dared not step on the scales this morning. I walked right by. I was afraid of the possibility of a gain … NOT! Yeah the weight loss is one indicator. But it’s not the primary. For me it’s the improvement in overall health. I can bend over to tie my shoes … I can take the steps at work and not get winded … I can run the dog and not feel like I’m dying …

Today is a new day. I will be running right after work. A full hour …


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