My cough is gone …

… kinda ….

We live in good times. I don’t care what anyone says. Right now is a good time. Gold is hanging around the resistance point of $650 … it closed yesterday at $644.20. Silver has touched it’s resistance of $13.50 a couple times and even gone past it, but always closes lower. It’s still up with is great. It closed out yesterday at $13.319.  So yeah .. now’s the time to buy. I’m putting a good chunk of my IRS refund into silver and gold. I do that every year … this year is no exception.

I guess I should explain about the cough thing. It sprung up last spring .. (I just made a joke there) .. while on a cruise of the Caribbean. It was triggered by a sinus infection that was aggrivated by my flight to Florida. I went through almost 6 months of antibiotics, nasal sprays, steroids, x-rays and CT scans. It (being the sinus infection) cleared up in December. But my cough was still there. It appears the cough became a learned habit/behavior. Once the irritation was removed the slightest new irritation led to a cough. And the coughing was an irritation which led to more coughing. I’m now in the process of unlearning the cough habit. And it’s working. Drink water they said. Swallow instead of cough. Only cough when you have something in the chest to clear or when the cough will “produce something”. So now I have to pee all the time because I’m constantly drinking water. Although that is lessening now that the inflammation from coughing is going down because I’m not coughing. So I don’t drink quite as much, but I’m drinking way more than I’m used to. Long story short … I’ve spent $1500 to find out peeing will fix my cough … go figure.



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4 responses to “My cough is gone …

  1. Miles Away

    Oh my! Go figure!

  2. yeah … with 6 prescriptions, x-rays (3 sets), a CT scan, 12 Dr. visits (family and 2 specialists) and a trip to urgent care … yeah .. it added up. maybe not exactly $1500, closer to $1200 now that i go bac through the numbers. but still … peeing stops the coughing.

  3. Alicia

    maybe that’s why urologists ask their male patients to turn their their head and cough……..just a little humor and support for your theory!

  4. LOL!! I never thought of that. I’ve not been to a urologist lately. Maybe there’s a reset button there …

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