Jack of all trades

By trade I am a Systems Engineer. I work with Linux and UNIX servers and workstations by trade. Anything computer oriented really.

Wife had to have a root canal yesterday. I played nurse-maid .. kinda.

But I also cleaned. I did dishes. I cleaned out the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I had to. It bothered me. Why? Have you ever been to someone’s home, used the restroom and looked? Come on .. I know you have. We all are a little curious … Well, I opened it and just about died. It’s a big wall mounted one with 3 doors with mirrors all the way across. I only use one third .. the left side. And it always looked good, because I’d clean or straighten that section if I saw it needed it. I never looked in the other sections. Now I know why! needless to say it is clean. Feel free to look. So I can clean.

On the first and third Thursday I have a meeting with an accountability/share/prayer group. I’ve been sending the meeting notices and prayer requests. I can be a secretary.

My wife’s grandmother was having problems with her garage door. Hit the button to raise the door and it would push the door down … while it was already down. The bugger was giving everyone fits. Called Sears to see what they could do. They said they’d schedule someone to come out and look and I said forget it. $60 for the trip charge + time + parts = new opener. I decided that taking the chain off and running it through a couple cycles and putting the chain back on might work. Sure enough it fixed it. I can work for Sears repair now.

My inlaws have a rental property. Any time something goes wrong I tell my inlaws to call me first before calling a repair person. I’ll look and if it’s something I can fix I’ll take care of it. Last week it was the furnace. The flame sensor (not sure if that’s what you’d call it) was covered in “stuff” so I pulled it out, sanded it and put it back in. Furnace fired right back up. I could be a HVAC guy.

I really thought I would not have to shovel snow this year. I didn’t even bother to get the snow blower ready for the season. It was still in the shed when we had that 3″ snowfall a few weeks ago. I got it out, fired it up and took care of my drive, my inlaws’ and wife’s grandmother’s drive as well. And just as I was finishing the last drive I ran out of gas. I refueled and went to start it back up. And the primer bulb was shot .. it had dried out and became brittle and cracked. I could not get it started back up because with that crack the fuel system doesn’t work right … long story short – I spent $18 in parts and rebuilt the sucker. I guess I could work for Toro as well …


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