It’s frickin’ cold!!

It’s 0° out there!! All you whiners complaining about global warming … now tell me it’s “getting warmer”. 0degrees.jpgAll you whiners who complained about not having a “White Christmas” … it doesn’t have to snow to be cold. It can be earth cracking cold without having snow! Just look at this … I have a weather tool on my desktop and it displays the current temp and weather conditions. Notice is is dark with a moon that has a “fuzzy” look and the temp is 0° … !!

Ok .. I’ll let it go for now. Gold is at $650.90 and silver is at $13.515 .. not much movement really. I don’t think anything is moving in this cold! And speaking of cold (since it’s on my mind), did I mention it was 0° out there?

Ok .. I have to go into the “how cold is it?” routine. How cold is it? It’s so cold when my dog goes outside to pee it comes out as an icicle. It’s so cold that your eyes freeze shut when you blink. It’s so cold you can cut your breath and use it to build an igloo. It’s so cold Minnesotans button top button Canadians put on sweaters. It’s so cold all the Congressional hot air freezes. It’s so cold lawyers put their hands in their own pockets.

Seriously. This cold weather is bad. But yet .. it’s good in a way. All those global warming nut jobs are looking like buffoons. The bugs .. what’s that rule they have to follow .. ten days below freezing and we will have fewer bugs. Not true … well kinda not true.

Geek time – Insects have devised ways to stay warm in winter. Some go dormant, into a state called “diapause,” while others remain active. Insects that spend the winter in diapause withstand a greater range of low temperatures than those that remain active — some to temperatures as low as -94o F, which is about the lowest reported temperature for natural environments.

With few exceptions, insects that go dormant for the winter fit into two classes: freeze-susceptible and freeze tolerant. A freeze-susceptible insect avoids freezing altogether by depending heavily on antifreeze compounds, called cryoprotectants, to supercool body fluids and tissues above their freezing point. Ethylene glycol, the same compound found in antifreeze for cars, is the most common cryoprotectant. Freeze-tolerant insects do not really freeze, at least not totally. Just the fluid, which bathes their living cells, freezes. This freezing process forces water out of the living cells thus lowering the freezing point even further. (Smaller amounts of water freeze at lower temperatures than larger amounts of water.)

So … unless it gets really cold (like -20° or something) and stays there for a long time, the insects dying off because of the cold is more or less a myth. As for the active insects? They are like you and me. They say indoors. Yes, this weather would kill them off. That’s why they are indoors with you and me.

What really sucks about this weather (for me) boils down to 2 things – freezing pipes and dry skin! Yep! I suffer from both! Well my house suffers the freezing pipes and and we loose the use of one bathroom. And in a house full of girls, that is like doomsday! I got them thawed out yesterday. And I got up several times during the night to run the faucet and flush the toilet. But … what I didn’t count on was the time to freeze gets shorter the colder it gets. 2 hours between “flush and wash” was great during the day yesterday. But at night .. it should probably be every hour. Yep, they froze up again last night. I plugged in the heater and opened the faucet and left for work. It took about 3 hours yesterday. I caught it earlier today. So it might not take too long today.

As for the dry skin? It itches … on my legs and arms and chest and hands! Yes, I’ve done the lotion thing. Not working. I’ve tried all kinds with little to no luck. I used to use a product from Honey House called the “Bee Bar” and it worked great. I’m out. Well I was. I found a tin in the trunk of the car. Not sure how it got there. But I rubbed it on my hands this morning and my arms and they don’t itch … I just might have to go rub down my legs in the restroom (I’m at work) .. just waiting to see if it lasts. Make my hands feel a little greasy, but it’s worth it if I stop scratching!

editor’s note – it’s now 12°! we are having a heat wave!



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