Anna Nicole Smith – dead at 39

anna-nicole-smith.jpgOK … Now that Anna Nicole Smith is dead, can we let the question of who really is the father of her child die as well? No … we can’t. That will be in the headlines for weeks!! It’ll become a circus. And it sickens me. Do we really care about Anna? Do you know her personally? If so then maybe it effects you and you care, but then you probably already know all the details and don’t care or believe what the news folks say. No, I don’t care .. she was just a train-wreck waiting to happen and we as a nation eat up the tragedy. How does her death or the parentage of her daughter effect (not affect, I do mean effect – there is a difference) your life? It doesn’t. Rather it shouldn’t have an effect, if it does ……. well I’d rather not go there. But every news channel covered it. It was on local news as well. And I just don’t get it.

Why not focus on the events that are going to have an immediate effect on you and your loved ones? Stop watching the “The World News Drama Tonight”. Look around you. Pick up a local newspaper (not talking the big city paper I’m talking your town or county paper) and read it. What’s happening locally that will effect you? What’s happening with our families? Look for things you can make a difference in, think like this … my sister just got laid-off from her job. Her husband has a job and it’s barely enough to pay the bills. They can forget about anything extra this week or next week. Yeah there’s the possibility of her collecting unemployment. A whopping $200 a week. That’s not much when you are used to getting $600 a week after taxes. How does that effect me? She’s my sister. Granted we don’t see eye to eye on anything, and we don’t always get along, but we are family and she’s also the mother to my niece and nephew. So what can I do? If it were you, what would you do? Instead of making my weekly donation to my church I can mail it to her instead. I can clip coupons for things they use and need and send them to her. Instead of having her come here to visit, we can drive there. It effects me. I care about my family. That’s what we need to focus on, focus on the things that impact you. Focus on things you can make a difference in, not Anna and her issues. Who cares about her and her issues? In 5 years will you remember Anna? In five years I will remember the troubles my sister’s family faced with her being unemployed. And I’ll remember the difference I made in their lives.



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2 responses to “Anna Nicole Smith – dead at 39

  1. Miles Away

    I can’t agree more… Why do people seek kinship with people they don’t know and will never know? Where is the logic?

  2. I don’t think it’s so much kinship as it is prying into other peoples lives. Looking to their troubles and problems to make ourselves feel better. When ultimately it just doesn’t matter.

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