Dannie, I am your father …

… search your feelings …

Yeah, I loved Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Revenge Return frederic-prinz-von-anhalt.jpgof the Jedi. And I’m still poking fun at the circus revolving around Anna Nicole Smith’s death. Now Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Prince Frederick von Anhalt, is claiming he’s Dannielynn’s daddy? In a recent press release he stated that he had a decade long affair with Anna Nicole. First off I wouldn’t admit that if Zsa Zsa was my wife. Didn’t she beat the crap out of some cop for asking her age? I’d had to see what she does to Prince Freddie. I cannot believe what some people will do for their 15 minutes of fame. Hmmm … wait a sec … now that I think about it … I just checked my planner and it looks like I online was looking at pictures of Anna Nicole and … well, I could be Dannielynn’s daddy … NOT! What sucks is this is going to go on for months if not years! It’ll be on every channel for weeks or months. And we, as a nation will be obsessed with it. Heck, EVEN I am still blogging about it. But it’ll be the last entry on it, I promise.

OK on to some interesting facts in the gold and silver markets for the past week. Gold started out at $646.20 and closed this past week at $667.50. Up $21.30 for an increase of 3.3%. Not to shabby. But look at silver … it closed last week at $13.327 and closed this week at $13.879. That’s a change of 55.2¢ for a 4.1% net growth. That’s in one week! Silver needs to stay above $13.80 for the next few day to make a run at the resistance point of $14.06. Once past that $15 is the next barrier and if beats that we could see $24 an ounce in no time flat! Just my 2¢.

Did you hear? We are in for another snow storm. Welllll …. maybe. They can’t determine the track of this storm. That means that everyone and their cousins will be shopping today to stock up for the 2 days they can’t get out to the store. Unfortunately I’ll have to contend with them. I always do my shopping on Sunday after church. That’s today. Ugh.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve hit a wall with the weight loss. I was beginning to think that I was going to have to “diet” to make more progress. And you know how I feel about “dieting”. I have been lifting more and running more but I was stuck between 252 and 254. Yesterday I stepped on the scale and it read 250 even. I got off, went downstairs and grabbed my workout clothes for the Y and came back up, stepped on the scale again just to double check and sure enough is read 250 the second time. So my body must have been in a plateau. Maybe it was waiting to see if this increased workout routine was real. Well, it’s real. It should know this from each of the plateaus we’ve been through together.

I’m not in any hurry to shed pounds. I’m more concerned about cardiovascular health, trimming inches (yes I have heard it before that muscle weighs more e_rich_frosted_donut.gifthan fat .. that’s why I don’t care too much about the poundage – is that a word?) instead of dropping weight. I don’t diet. I eat better, but no diet. I don’t deny myself foods. But I do adhere to portion control. Instead of eating a whole box of Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donuts I’ll eat 1/2 … just kidding. I still enjoy one every once in a while (read as one every other day). I still enjoy my Wheat Thins, I love my coffee with Nestle’s French Vanilla non-dairy creamer … and last night I fixed a great pot roast with potatoes and carrots. Today will be shredded beef and noodles and probably steamed broccoli or steamed corn. I fixed a bowl of the beef, potatoes and carrots for lunch at work. And I’ll fix a bowl of the beef and noodles for work as well. Again, portion control and saving $$$. 🙂

Speaking of eating better … I just realized that I’ve not had McDonalds or any other fast food burger in 5 months. Now I did have some Arby’s and some Subway, but nothing else. Not even KFC! And I love KFC. I’ve had fried chicken at home and homemade deep fried french fries (I got a deep frier for Christmas 2005) and love them! But they are things I can control the taste and content of. My fried chicken is boness, skinless white meat. That wipes out 1/2 the bad stuff! All deep fried in my deep frier in canola oil.

Enough rambling. Have a great Sunday everyone!


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