The local high school made $2995 in sales from a recent sporting event. They sold a total of 729 tickets. Student tickets are $3 each and adult tickets are $5 each. How many adult and student tickets were sold?



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6 responses to “Algebra

  1. What? No takers?

    Do I need to provide a hint or two?

  2. Alicia

    what’s the prize?

  3. A 3$ Lerxst Buck … 🙂

  4. Alicia

    325 student and 404 adult

    so how many lerxst bucks does it take to get a chuck e cheese football?

  5. Alicia

    why would there be more adult tickets than student tickets is it a private school instead of a public school?

  6. Very good! It takes $29 Lerxst bucks in Lerxstland to buy a chuck-e-cheese football. (You have to get the pizza and drinks with it).

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