sore, tired and ready to drop

We had our storm. It left ice and snow. Mostly Ice. About a 3/4 an inch thick layer over the top of 4 inches of snow. I was off work yesterday and 1/2 a day today. I could not do anything to clear the snow yesterday. That means I had to get it down today. Snow-blowers do not handle sheets of ice very well. It was mostly a manual process today. My in-laws were all “trapped” because the plows came through and dumped snow and ice in the apron’s of their driveways. My father-in-law cleared out 1/2 of his apron. Just enough to get one car in and out. I helped him clear the rest of it out along with 3/4 of his drive way.

My wife’s aunt’s car was stuck in the apron of her drive. I had to go help dig it out. Her uncle has a bad back so after he pulled the car out I clean the rest of the apron. I slipped and fell on the ice in their drive. And I was thankful no one was around to witness it. There’s nothing funnier than a 6’10” tall guy falling on his ass in the snow.

I of course had to clean out my own drive and apron.

Then I went to clean out my wife’s grandmother’s apron and driveway.

I didn’t get to the Y yesterday to lift because of the storm so I ran. And today I didn’t go because of all the drifts on the roads (and I think they were closed). But I made up for it shoveling ice. Honestly I don’t think would have gotten a workout this good at the Y. I had some help on my in-law’s and grandma’s driveways. So it wasn’t a “killer”. But I have had all I can take of this snow and ice. I think I’ll sleep well tonight.

And by the way – Happy Valentine’s Day



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3 responses to “sore, tired and ready to drop

  1. Miles Away

    You are the kind of man women dream of… making sure the family is taken care of… Your wife must be proud!

  2. you know .. last night while in bed on the heating pad, she did mention it. more that she was thankful for me and my willingness to take care of her family than a “proud” thing.

  3. Alicia

    As I attempt to slide my van up the driveway without getting it stuck, I second the comment that your wife must be proud!

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