I love ThermaCare Heatwraps …

Before I forget … gold and silver action … Gold has been holding steady at $667.30 but silver is on the move. It closed out yesterday at $13.94. Watch out $14.50. And from there look for silver to be climbing to $23.

My back is feeling better. I think the fall on the ice on Wednesday (and possibly the shoveling) left me feeling a bit sore. I took some “good” pain killers last night before bed, got a pretty good night’s sleep. And this morning the hot shower on my back felt great, I looked for something to keep may back warm … I wanted to keep that warm heat going. I found an Equate heat wrap in the linen closet, but it was missing the heat packs (me thinks someone hast taken them as play thingiths). I knew I needed to get to Wal-Mart and pick up new ones right away. I got to the one near work and promptly went to the pharmacy section and found the heat wraps. The Equate pack included 2 treatments for $4.37 and the ThermaCare had special packaging 50% more free (that means I buy the pack of 2 for $5.43 and get a third free). It made sense to grab the ThermaCare and use the 55¢ coupon I got in Sunday’s paper (Yeah, I’m thrifty .. sometimes). Paid for them and went to work. First thing I did at work was head to the restroom and put on the heatwrap! And it feels good. Never thought something soooo simple could feel soooo good.


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