Computers are hard …

I recently poked a little fun at Ohio Guy for using his neighbor’s WiFi connection when his went down.  I should have known better. I had noticed my iBook had been acting flaky when trying to get on the Internet. I was beginning to think that letting the wife and girls use it in the kitchen for homework or surfing while watching TV was showing my error in thinking “It’s a Mac .. what can they do to it?” Yesterday was a struggle to keep a connection up on the iBook. I gave up and finally went downstairs to my “server room” area of the family room. I hopped on the Linux box and noticed it was acting weird with network connections but nothing like the iBook. I did what I needed and decided to dig into the problems. I thought … first things first. Let’s start out fresh. I decided “just reboot everything” … router, cable modem, Linux box, Windoz box, iBook, kids PCs, the microwave oven, the phones, the TV, the satellite, the dishwasher, the dryer, the treadmill … EVERYTHING! Well OK, not everything. I didn’t touch the new coffee maker, water heater, toilets and garage door opener and I left Shadow’s cage alone.

PCs all came back up and not one would talk to the outside world. I could get to the Belkin wireless router and see it. I logged into it and could see it had a DHCP address from my ISP. I saw the reboot of it in the log files. But it didn’t see my PCs … it was acting like nothing was connected even though I could get to it from my Linux box. Rebooted the router again. No luck. Reboot the router and the cable modem … again no luck. I was able to plug each device directly into the cable modem and it was working fine. I decided to break out the Linksys router I bought from a friend at work 2 years ago but never “migrated” to.

Got it hooked up and then realized .. I had set the admin ID and password for it and didn’t know either one … until I read my instructions (they include those for a reason). I had written in the manual the new, non-default, admin user ID and password. I got it configured and everything that was hardwired was up and running. I then started the wireless part. I gave up around 2am and went to bed. Was up at 4:19 and went back at it. Had the wireless stuff configured by 5am. Still had time to get a shower, eat a breakfast and get to work (15 minutes late). All I can say is computers are hard ….


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