Let the sunshine in

FoggyWhen I got up this morning and saw the frozen fog (yes there was fog frozen to my car, the trees, the roads …) everywhere I was bracing for another “crappy” day. But sometime around noon, lunch time, things changed for me. And I realized what I needed. SUNSHINE! I needed sunshine. And today, the sun has popped out, and I felt better. To keep that positive energy going, I booked myself for a 60 minute massage. That’s on Friday afternoon. I’ve never had a massage before. Not a real one from a licensed massage therapist. And I’ve never had anyone rub my neck or back for more than 10 minutes. I’m a little bit excited about it. I’m really looking  forward to it.”

With the sunshine and now the prospect of a full hour long massage I can feel the “crappiness” melting away.



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2 responses to “Let the sunshine in

  1. ok .. I spoke to soon. Got home to a cold house. Furnace fan works. Pilot light is on. Controls work for A/C. Thermostat clicks when temp is set up or down. There appears to be something amiss within the furnace itself. Thankfully we have a vent-free fireplace and can heat most of the house with it and the furnace blower on. I found the schematics for the furnace online. I’ll track down the problem and fix it. I’m sooooooooooooo glad it’s not 2° outside!

  2. update – furnace is fixed. what was it? the high-limit thermal cut-off had tripped. once resetting it and cleaning it the furnace fired right back up. if you need your furnace or A/C fixed or replaced call Jamie Stamm at 937-313-5481! Stamm Heating and A/C is a family owned Christian business. if you want real service from someone you can trust call Jamie! they are available 24 hours for emergency service. and if you do call him, let him know you heard about him from me.

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