What ever happened to good service?

Maybe I expect too much from a $13 haircut. It’s a simple haircut. It takes 8 minutes – start to finish. Using clippers the “stylist” applies a #3 to the sides and back and a #6 to the top. I get the back squared off. It’s really easy to do. I’m thinking of buying my own clippers and teaching my wife to do it. I have the beard trimmer and she uses that to clean up the back of my neck as needed. The barber I used to use is retired and399685629_ba14f5118d.jpg the shop closed down shortly after he left. And that’s why I’ve bounced from styling salon to salon. I’ve been to two chain styling salons, Great Clips and Super Cuts, and neither place can get it right. Well … I take that back there was one stylist at Great Clips who got it right. I went in yesterday in hopes of getting her, but she’s gone. I was able to see her twice before she moved on. And I hope she’s moved up to a better place. She was a “stylist”. I seriously think my wife could do better than this last “stylist” did. What was so bad about it? It’s uneven. And it’s noticeable. Very noticeable. Nothing worse than a bad haircut. It stays with you for weeks. You are reminded of your misspent monies daily. And if that wasn’t enough, I think most of the hair she “clipper-ed” ended up on my face, still in my hair, in my ears and down my shirt. Why put on the dirty smock they make you wear? Yes it was dirty .. I could see the hair on it before she put it on me. And since I had not yet had my hair cut it obviously was someone else’s hair all over it … that should have been a clue as to the level of service I was to expect from this “stylist”. I could have left the smock off and ended up with just as much hair down my shirt. And there’s no telling if the hair in my shirt was mine or from the person she “styled” before me.

Oh .. before I forget. Gold closed at $679.40 and silver at $14.241. Things are looking good for silver! Gold is stalled with only a $10 move in 1 week. Silver is up almost a whole dollar!!

Good service is an art. It requires people skills. And that is something you cannot learn quickly. It requires a special gift. And I want to recognize those who do provide good service. To do that I started a new page in this Blog. You can get to it from the link at the top of the page it’s called Good Service. You can add to it by leaving a comment. Maybe we can build a directory of people, businesses and services that provide “good service”.



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4 responses to “What ever happened to good service?

  1. Miles Away

    Be thankful you aren’t a woman going to the salon. Before that I used to pay $160 for cut and color (highs and lows). About a year ago I stopped going to the salon to color my hair. I use Loreal Natural Color 6-N (under $15 a box) which comes with the best conditioner available anywhere.

    In addition, I love the way stylist call blowdrying hair… styling… My hair always looks bad 10 minutes after I exit the salon. I know that I am required to schedule to be home directly after my visit to the salon to do my hair.

    My last haircut was $35, plus tip. I was in and out in under 30 minutes. I should consider becoming a stylist. I don’t make $70+/hour now.

  2. I had to go straight home to shower after this cut … that hair really itches! And even after two shampooings it still doesn’t lay right and I’m still finding little hairs everywhere.

  3. Alicia

    I think my kids could give you that same haircut and they don’t charge for the service! Unfortunately, you’d probably still be covered in hair, but it would be your own. That’s just disgusting!

  4. Maybe next time I need one I’ll call and set up an appointment! 🙂

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