they fall one by one …

My stiff neck is gone as is the lower back pain. Thanks to Jo at Joga Somatic Arts. She did a great job on my massage. Give her a call if you need one (and trust me you do!). That’s one issue down …

Furnace is working again. Big thanks goes out to Stamm Heating and Air. Jamie Stamm (one of the owners) squeezed me in on Thursday to get the furnace back up and running. He did a great job! I highly recommend his company! If you need details let me know and I can provide them. You can find his contact info in my Good Service page, the URL is at the top of this page. Second issue down …

02-24-07_0953_sm.jpgThe CBC (Community Blod Center) needs blood. It’s one of those things that came up on the evening news that could directly impact me or a loved one. AND it’s something I can do something about. They need donations. After breakfast this morning at Cracker Barrel I stopped off at the local Masonic Lodge and donated blood. I usually donate through work but I missed the blood drive there. I donate 3 or 4 times a year. I figured today was as good as any other day. This will help replenish the supplies drained during the bad weather we had last week and the week before. Got another thing done.

OK, the down side to my donating blood? No running or weight lifting for 24 hours…. I forgot about that part of donating. Well, one of the nurses said I should be able to resume normal activities this evening. I think I’ll hit the treadmill (and jog, no running) tonight and lift tomorrow. Or maybe just sit and eat an Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donut. 🙂


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