The Oscars were so lame …

Especially this year. Maybe it was just me, but I just didn’t care. Maybe I’ve begun to truly apply the “how does it pertain-to/effect me filter I’ve mentioned a time or five.

I usually have a low level of interest in the Oscars, but this year was below that low level of interest. It all seems so “fake”. And what really drove home the point of the “fakeness” of it all boiled down to two things.Will Ferrell and Jack Black’s song about why doesn’t the comedian get the award and Ellen DeGeneres’s opening monologue about honoring the nominees. It’s all pomp and grandeur for big-headed egomaniacs. It’s a chance to pat each other on the back and push forward whatever alternative lifestyle agenda they feel like. Look, I’ve got nothing against alternative lifestyles. I’m just tired of having it crammed down my throat every week on TV and having to deal with it in the movie theaters. And then having an award show telling us how well they carried out the agenda. As a matter of fact I exercise my freedom of choice and do my own self-censoring on a daily basis. If I don’t like it, I don’t buy a ticket, I listen to a different radio station, I’ll change satellite channels or better yet, just shut it off altogether. And that’s exactly what I did last night. I shut it off. Advertisers wasted millions of dollars on ads that never got their products pushed in my home.

Ellen’s monologue started me on the path about thinking this was all a lame exercise in self-promotion. The comments on telling the stars how to tug on our heartstrings with their speeches … how to make it more fake than it already is. But then again, that’s what HollowHollywood is all about.

Does it matter who won an award for set decorating? No .. Does it matter who won for best sound effects? No. True, they are parts of a movie that make it more realistic. But honestly, we don’t know them. Why should they be allowed to make long winded speeches and thank their mothers? No one cares. We just want to hear what the girl from American Idol says when she accepts her award … you know why? Because America cares enough to “pick” her now, but they didn’t care when she was on Idol. Just like America didn’t care that Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000 and they didn’t care enough then to speak up. Every other election in the US is based on popular vote … why not the presidential race? Because the powers that be cannot trust the American public to do what they want them to do.

And how was your day?


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