Let me get this straight …

Editors note: Did you see what happen to the stock market yesterday? In one day, the entire advancement from Jan. 1, 2007 to Feb. 23, 2007 is wiped out. The market took a 3.5% hit on fears of cooked books in China … what happened to gold and silver you ask? We took very tiny hits in the metals market. Both finished strong. Gold closed at $683.90 and silver closed at $14.545. As long as gold stays above $650 and silver above $13.80 we are doing well. If you can, trade stocks for gold and silver. 

I’m a little miffed and very concerned.

James Cameron has decided to rewrite the Bible. Well not really rewrite it, just shake things up a bit. Well, no, he wants to change things. James has had a desire to learn more about Jesus’ burial place and he says he found it. He found the, now empty, tomb of one Jesua, son of Joseph. The sepulchre also apparently contained the bodies of Mary. As well as another Mary, Matthew and Jofa, and most spectacularly, Jonah, son of Jesua. His claim is that Jesua is Jesus. And he plans to prove it … with DNA testing.

You read that right, DNA testing. So what is that going to prove? That the DNA found belongs to the body they found it with? And perhaps the DNA of Jesua shows a link to Jonah, son of Jesua? But how do you prove that this Jesua is the Jesus, the Son of God? I can hear it now … the red phone on God’s desk rings … God picks up and says “Hello?”. James says “God? This is me, James Cameron, of Titanic movie fame. Yeah, that’s me. Glad you answered.” God says, “James, I told you never to call me on this number. What do you need?” James says, “I need a sample of your DNA to prove that Jesua, son of Joseph, is your son. I’m wanting to prove your divinely inspired word, the Bible, is a lie. Can you help me out?” God says “No”. You can watch it on the Discovery Channel and read more about it here.

Come on … Why is this even happening? Because the tide is changing in America. The religious right have had 8 years to fix the country and look how much worse it is today. Don’t get me wrong. The “religious right” (RR) is not a bad thing. There has to be something to offset the “liberal left”. There is a firm belief that the religious right have been cramming Jesus down America’s as well as rest of the world’s throat. The religious right is accused of having control over George the Bushwhacker. And there is an agenda to convert everyone ot Christianity or kill them. There is a belief that the RR is the reason for the war in Iraq. (Hint: It’s about oil, not religion.) Yet there is more religious freedom erosion occurring in America every day. We are losing the right to have Christmas be about Christ. It’s becoming, well, you know, it’s now the “XMAS this”, “Happy Holidays that” thing. Lord forbid a Wal-Mart employee from wishing a customer “Merry Christmas”. There are people now calling the very story of Jesus a myth. And while they are calling him a myth they are busy at getting rid of the ten commandments from all of our courthouses. Forget the fact that our basic laws of conduct in this country are founded on them. Let’s not remind people where most, if not all guidelines for moral conduct came from. Let’s hide the ten commandments and say that “we made those laws up”.

I need to run. Have a great day. And may God Bless you! And remember this – “He is risen”!


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