There’s always some pride in being a parent

Especially when your kids do something special!

Stocks closed yesterday lower than they did on the Tuseday the bottom dropped out. I think there’s a chance to rally and make some money in the market. But unless they sustain gains for more than 3 days I think people will be leary and the market will continue the correction. So I will say it again, you need to move you monies into metals. Gold and silver are still holding on. Gold is still holding on at $662.30 and silver dropped below the $13.80 mark at $13.530. Now is the time to buy both. With people pulling moneis from stocks and moving to treasury notes and bonds they will be looking to better performers shortly because 2-4% in notes and bonds won’t cut it. Not when you can make 2 – 3% per DAY in metals. Unless this market turns around look for gold to run at $700 and silver to hit $16 very soon.

Daughter 1 has been having a rough time in school. Freshmen girls .. I’m 41 and I still don’t understand them. Friends are hard to come by and harder to “maintain”. But D1 has FINALLY found a couple who are good friends. Add to that falling behind in Math and Science and you have a recipe for disaster. Grades just sucked. And I was not made aware of how bad it was until I got the notice that she had Fs in 2 classes and Ds in 2 others. Well as of right now she has no Fs and the 29% she had in Bio is now a 69.7% and we are waiting on a test score from this week and as long as she gets a high D on it, it will push her grade to a C. I don’t ever recall rooting for a D as being a good thing but hey, we’ll take what we can get. So where’s the pride in this? She’s busted butt (and so have Wife and I) to bring those grades up. And because of all the extra work she’s been able to keep her role in the upcoming HS play! On top of that the choir team she’s on has advanced to a final competition. How cool is that! New friends, improving grades, the play and choir! Way to go D1!
And then there’s Daughter 2. She’s busting butt in school too! She’s got all As and Bs and loves school. She’s also on the 5th grade girls basketball team. They started out the season with 3 losses. And honestly my thoughts were “This is going to be just like last year .. 0 wins, 10 losses, a total of 23 points for the year”. But by the end of that third game the girls had improved to the point of actually scoring 23 points in that 3rd game (or very close to it). I remember thinking they might win 3 or 4 games. And they did. They won 4 games and that put them in 4th place for the tournaments. Tournaments are single elimination. They played last night at 6:30 against the 5th place team and won. They advanced and played the first place team at 8:30. And after triple over-time they won by 3 points!! It was better than any college or pro game I’ve ever seen. We had 2 other teams watching the game after their games finished. It was that much of a nail-biter! And watching your daughter play, do well and score brings a bit of pride. She’s not the best player on the team … she’s fairly average for her age, but with her height and a summer of shooting baskets .. look out! Grades and sports!

So for me to say I’m proud of my girls and to beam a little brighter today than I normally do is just going to have to be tolerated …

For a day.



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