How much is your health worth?

I only ask because I care … well not really. I don’t care what your health is worth. I care what my health is worth. And to me it’s worth the cost of a monthly membership fee to the YMCA, the monthly “employee share of the cost”, the 20% coinsurance I have with UHC, the monthly cost of good quality natural vitamins, and the right to choose who will take care of me and who won’t and the right to choose my hospital. But all of that may come to a screeching halt if we let big government take on health-care. If you think your “insurance premiums” are high now, what until you find out how we have to pay for our government sponsored health-care. Not only will your employers pay a portion, you will continue to pay your portion and your “medicare” rates will go up as well. Once government gets into your pocket, you can never get them out.

I can see it now … they will establish taxes … you are overweight, you will have to pay extra for your health-care, and when you go to renew your drivers license, no more lying about your weight, they will have a scale. And you will be weighed. And your height measured. All that and your age entered into the system and .. presto! You are 25 pounds over weight and the taxes for the wear and tear on the roads due to excess weight at $75 a year. And when you pull up to the pumps now you will have to weigh in. Your weight is also causing your car to be less efficient. You will have to pay an extra 45¢ per gallon. Yeah, your doctor visit is free and the meds are free, but you will pay.

Yeah our health system in this country is screwed up. But you know what?! Every country in the world looks to the USA for new advances in medicine. They send students hear to learn. We are number one because of capitalism. No other reason. I could go into a rant about how the FDA, food companies and drug companies are all in a racket to make us sick and keep us sick and continue to treat us. But that’s a waste of time. I’m just concerned for our future. And will Hilary and Obama as lead Democrats I am concerned. Edwards, please step things up! As for the Republicans … McCain scares me! He’ll be worse than Bush. Remember, I am a conservative, not a republican. The right Democrat could get my vote. As could the right Republican. But until they send someone to the front worth voting for … Ralph Nader will get my vote. Maybe ……


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