March 4, 2007

img_0217_edited-1.jpgI will not let this cold get to me. I won’t let the new snow get me down. I will remember the 50° days we had this past week in hopes of more in the very near future. I won’t let the rising cost of gasoline get me down either, I will stand firm on my rock, face the rising sun and pray for more days like today. Days where I feel good about me. Days where those around me are healthy. Well mostly healthy. Wife was feeling really crappy last week. It turns out she had pneumonia (I don’t care if the spell check says that’s right, it still looks wrong). She was diagnosed Friday. By then she had it for 2 days. Thursday and Friday nights were rough and touch and go. Her doctor said if the fever didn’t drop below 100° before bed time Friday to get her to the emergency room. Those were my orders from the doctor, regardless what my wife says. It broke. Wife slept all day Saturday and til 1:3opm today. She actually had an appetite and was starting to feel better. Call me Mr. Mom. I’ve been cleaning, doing dishes, doing laundry, cooking, tending to the kids, helping with homework … you name it. I have an observation to share. I stepped up and did my work and wife’s work. And it was hard to manage it all. Do-able, but hard. I want to say this to all single moms or dads out there. My hat is off to you. You do this day in and day out. You do it if you are sick or not. You have no help or relief. I understand that now. On top of that, you work and bring home the monies necessary to take care of the family. You are truly the material that heroes are made from.


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