March 7th, 2007

Well the stock market rally put some holes in my metals advice. I never expected it to bounce back so quickly. As a result the metals took a slight hit. Gold is hovering around $640 and silver is bumping the $13 mark again.  I “think” this metals correction is over. Silver was really wanting to push back through the $13 mark. I think it’ll make it there today.

Things are getting back to normal around the house. Wife is feeling better. Yesterday was a good day for her. I’m still doing dishes and cleaning and tending to the kids. It’s getting easier because I’ve put together a routine. But with today being the first day back in the office I’m wondering how it will hold up.

Wow lots-o-stuff has happened since I really wrote last. Basketball is over for my youngest. Her team won the championship! It was really cool! They went from loosing the first 4 games by a point or 4 to winning the last 4 and trading a pair in the middle. First round tournament games were last Thursday. They won both of them. Monday night was the championship. The team did great! The came together!

Daughter1 is in a choir competition this weekend. We are rooting for her now. There is always something!

DST is this weekend. I am on-call for work, along with 1/2 my department being onsite to do work. It’s bound to be interesting. Not sure how I managed it in the past, but I’ve always missed being on-call during time-change weekends in the past. But I have it now. Not sure about how your company is dealing with it, but for us it’s like a mini Y2K. Oh the wisdom of our elected officals. And we all follow without questioning …


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