March 13th, 2007

I’ve been distracted lately and not blogging as often as I should be. I went through this with my paper journal and need to either force myself to enter something at least 5 times a week or just stop. If you want to keep people reading, you have to write.

Gold has dropped below the 650 resistance to $648.40 and silver is struggling to hold the 13 mark at $12.985 … I still think we will see things go up, but to be honest, I am at a loss as to why metals are not doing better. Perhaps it has something to do with people having a false sense of security in the stock market. The drop off hurt, but apparently not enough to drive people away. And speaking of driving people away ….

shoes.jpgI’ve learned that running on pavement is hard. Literally! I think I need to just power-walk on pavement and leave the running to the treadmill. I ran on pavement yesterday and my lower back is sore and so are my knees. Yes I stretched afterwards. I never stretch before a run. I warmed up like I always do before running on the treadmill.  Maybe I need to look at different shoes for running on pavement. I found the perfect shoes for running on the treadmill. New Balance 754’s. They have the right amount of cushioning and the proper support for my heel and arch . I think need to go to the local running store and get fitted for pavement shoes. Not Dick’s or some other mega chain. They don’t have people trained to help you get the right fit. I’ve found if you go to the right place and they fit you properly you will find the running experience to be better. Now that doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily buy from them. Why pay $100 for a pair of shoes that I can get at Zappos for 1/2 the price?

shoes2.JPGI have a pair of trail shoes I’ve been breaking in. Again, New Balance. These are the 472’s. I’ve not yet run a trail. I’m thinking of running my first trail this weekend. There is an Ohio River Run Course on April 21 that I am thinking of running in. So I need to learn trail running really quick. Well, not quick. I need to learn to pace myself and watch where my feet land. nothing worse than tripping on a root or rock or something. Of course if you trip and fall in the woods and no one sees you, are you still a klutz?


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