Washing the dog

I took the day off work today. I still woke up early. But after getting cleaned up I crawled back in the bed to snuggle with Shadow. She’s so affectionate towards me. I AM her favorite. I think it might be the desire to butter up the alpha dog and be on his good side, but I really think there’s a bit of genuine affection. I almost regretted planning today as her bath day. Maybe she knew and was being extra nice.

We’ve given her a bath at home … and it’s not pretty. Shepherds shed. Two times a year, the first half and the last half. I got tired of having to de-hair the bathroom after bathing her that we tried a new place. It’s called Wash Your Dog. It’s a local business. I love to support local businesses! The deal is this … you bring your dog. that’s it. You use one of their four tubs. They are elevated so you don’t have to bend over or be on your knees to scrub. You shampoo, condition and rinse and blow dry all in the tub. You use their towels, their water, their drier … and when you are done, you pay up and leave. No cleaning up the hairy mess left behind. They do it for you! Cost? $16.95 … and it’s worth every penny!!! I don’t have to spend hours cleaning up hair after bathing Shadow!! So if you have a dog and hate cleanup after bathing and you live in the area, check out Wash Your Dog!


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