March 19, 2007

I learned a very important lesson over this past weekend. Daily exercise is essential to maintaining any weight loss efforts. I mentioned in my last entry taking Friday off work to wash the dog. I ended up taking the day off of everything, I didn’t exercise/run Friday either. Not too sure why, but for one reason or another I didn’t exercise at all. So on Saturday morning when I weighed in I was up a pound. I didn’t really eat well Friday. Saturday is usually a lift day at the YMCA followed by a run with Shadow later in the evening. I didn’t hit the YMCA Saturday morning and I didn’t run Saturday evening. Instead I was in Columbus shopping with the family. It was supposed to be a trip to get new spring and summer clothes and formal gowns for all the girls to wear on our cruise in April. But it turned into more than just clothes. We had to look at furniture …. we didn’t have to, I just got tired of standing around waiting. So I went to look at furniture. Oh yeah .. before I get too side-tracked the lesson … it started with me trying to “eat healthy” but it’s hard to do that when the majority decides they want to eat at places like White Castles for lunch and Outback for dinner. Traveling makes it hard to make health eating choices.

Sunday was a return to Columbus to pick up the new sofa we bought Saturday (and to continue the shopping we started on Saturday). No I didn’t get to buy my sofa at Sofa King’s. sofa.jpgI wanted to … because “Sofa King sofas are Sofa King good!” That’s more than reason enough to buy from the Sofa King! But we really got a great deal on the sofa. Good enough to buy it on Saturday, go home, and drive back with a pickup truck the next day to pick it up! And what was cool about that (going home to get a truck and coming back) was when we got there to pick it up, there was a sale. 25% off everything in the store. 🙂 I love sales. Especially ones that save me money. The sofa we bought retails for $1499, was marked down to $899. Since I had not picked the item up my purchase was not complete (as with most sales this sale stated that the 25% off sale excluded prior purchases) so the salesperson reluctantly gave me the discount. I only knew about the additional 25% off because we went in to look at matching pieces and saw things marked down. We were supposed to go to the dock to pick up the piece. But we looked at the buget and wondered how much the matching pieces were and if the prices were right, just maybe we’d get a chair or loveseat. The prices weren’t right (even on sale they weren’t) so we didn’t get any.

Oh yeah .. I am really loosing focus today … back to the lesson I learned this weekend. With having to spend Sunday on the road and shopping and eating out I didn’t get in any exercise that day either. Since I don’t “diet” the results are immediate … up 3 pounds from Thursday’s weigh-in. Ugh … I need to hit the treadmill tonight, make sure I have plans set in stone to hit the Y on Mon/Wed/Fri this week and next. I need to stick to it because we leave for the cruise on the 31st. No, I’m not trying to get buff/ripped/cut or what ever you call it before leaving, I just want to make sure I’m on a routine … because when i get back I’m going to have to make sure I get right back to it. The cruise ship has a weight room and running track so I can keep up the routine while cruising. Not too sure I will, but it is there if I choose. I’m sure I’ll hit the track the days we are at sea. But days at port will be hard to get it in.

So does anyone know how gold and silver stacked up last week? I do! On March 9th gold closed at $650.00 and silver closed at $12.87. On March 16th gold closed out at $652.60 and silver closed at $13.127.


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