March 27, 2007

I have been really swamped these last two weeks. I’ve not had much time to blog, take photos or even work out. I blame spring. I’ve already had to cut my grass. And it’s only March! I’ve been cleaning up the yard, helping the wife’s family with different things. I’m not complaining. I actually like my in-laws so I don’t mind helping them out. I don’t think I could have asked for better ones. I’ve been busy getting my grill and deck ready for cook-out season (I grill year round and my neighbors think I’m nuts for it). I’ve been trying to get everything packed up for spring break. We are going to LA to catch a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto of Vallarta. So I’ve been swamped.

I won’t be blogging while gone unless the WiFi rates on the cruise are cheap. I know when I looked at the rates on our Caribbean cruise last year it was $45 for 30 minutes. I felt that was a bit steep. I’ll be sure to take tons of photos and share.

I have some concerns on how this upcoming set of elections are stacking up for both this year and next year. Unless the Republicans can find someone to rally behind we are going to see a HUGE shift in the political winds. Our current president has screwed up so badly that everyone I know will be voting to “punish” the Republicans. What the heck is up with that statement? It’s wrong in so many ways. But that is what I’m hearing. If the Democrats can get a “God Fearing (wo)Man” who can “fix” the problems we are facing with rising medical costs, getting our troops out of the middle east, concentrate on breaking our dependence on oil by funding alternative fuel research and work to clean up the climbing deficit they could steal own the election. I strongly feel we are making some serious mistakes by deploying literally all of our troops over seas. I think we have left the barn door open and the fox is in the hen-house. I didn’t say bring them all home. Bring 75% of them home. Let the friggin oil companies spend the profits they are making by artificially hiking the costs of oil on hiring mercenaries to protect their pipelines of “black gold”.

Ok ..enough ranting. You want to know what gold and silver have done recently. I know you do! Gold closed out yesterday at $663.40 and silver finished the day at $13.34. Both closed up over last week. Gold is up by $6.70 and silver is up by 18.8¢.



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2 responses to “March 27, 2007

  1. Alicia

    I don’t think a senator has ever been elected president, but if Hilary is the first, God help us!

    I’d vote for Rudy, but his personal life will surely come into play….

    What made you pick a cruise to the Pacific?

  2. I don’t know who would be a better candidate. I’ve not seen anyone step to the forefront. As for Hilary? I think I can get a job in Toronto doing what I do … 🙂

    As for the cruise, well we had already cruised the Eastern Caribbean last year, we wanted to see some different sites and everyone remembers “The Love Boat” going to Puerto Vallarta. That and the price was right. Free airline tickets to LA helped too! 🙂

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