Where did the week go?

Lerxst offered me a guest spot here and I let him down. Apparently his little jaunt to the islands took what little spring weather we had here in Ohio with him.  It has been too cold to do anything. Enough with the excuses. I am here now.

In market news I can tell you nothing about gold and silver prices.  My commodity is bacon. So I can tell you that Pork Bellies are holding at 1.00 per pound and are a consistent investment.  Remember it is this market that provides us Bacon.

While Lerxst is sunning his slim and svelt 7ft frame on a boat we in Ohio took time to cut our grass and mulch our flowers just hours before a hard freeze. Had I known this I would have procrastinated a week longer on all that yard work, how about you? It seems that my fertilizer is in limbo until warmer temps arrive. I gotta wonder about global warming when Cleveland is having snow problems in April! Thats just me though.

Oh yea..I remember now. Where my week went! I have a 12 week old puppy in the house. What a task that is. As soon as my kids are old enough to dress themselves, buckle themselves into the van, start their own breakfast and speak in sentences wifey and I decided to bring a puppy into our tranquil home. Do you know that puppies have to be walked before you take a shower and again before you go to bed? This was no problem until this weeks weather. Suddenly have a chic puppy isn’t very fun at 6:30 a.m. when I am dressed for skiing to just walk the dog.  It was fun last week at Delco Park in 65 degree weather and all was good.

I would recommend a) not buying a puppy, or b) waiting until summer to buy a puppy if you have to have on. Trust me, according to wifey, we had to have one.  A good dog..but it takes the same amount of time and attention as a toddler. Geesh.

Thanks for letting me guest post here. I will do better next time and not wait until the day before he gets back to jump in here and write something.

OhioGuy worships alongside Lerxst on Sunday mornings. OhioGuy used to blog at OhioGuy.Com and you can read more about him here.


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One response to “Where did the week go?

  1. Hey Ohio Guy! Thanks! You have a standing invite to write any time you feel like it.

    We made it back to town last night at 23:40 (that’s 11:40pm for those non-military types).

    Great time had by all. In a party of 14 you are bound to have funny things happen. I’ll share what I can remember.

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