Where’s the ham?

I still have no idea what Gold and Silver is doing. I did notice that Pork Bellies fell .18 and closed at 99.88 down a bit from the pre-holiday closing. Onto the post: 

I spent Easter like most overweight middle aged professionals did. On a couch ignoring the crazy kids and watching Tiger attempt a 4th round comeback in Augusta with a Gin & tonic in hand.  Right before Tiger shanked one into the water and decidely ruined his chances at catching the leader dinner was served.  I must admit I was excited about dinner. This aunt in-law is a great cook!

 I headed to the buffet for my youngest son, wifey took the oldest son and we dug in. When I arrived at the end of the line, after the jello-cranberry-crust-whipped cream desert, wild rice, corn pudding, brown and serve rolls, there was a chicken and broccoli casserole.

 Where’s the Ham I wondered to myself, a bit loud for my inner self, but wondered it anyway. I looked to the stove top, suredly there was a ham in reserve, too big for the buffet, but there was no ham. My wife noticed the distraught look in my eye and whispered, the chicken and broccoli is the main dish.  My facial expressions expressed a clear yet confused look of why? She whispered hoping to bring little notice to my perplexed state and explained the casserole was easier for the 28 people that were being fed that day.

 But..where is the ham? Where are the mashed potatoes. Where are the deviled eggs with sharp pieces of chive on top (for color and little flavor)? Where? Where? Where?

I wasn’t alone. Today at work I found out that one woman and her mother enjoyed fish sandwhiches at a great little restaurant that I love. Another woman stated her children demanded turkey and all the fixins just like Thanksgiving.

 I don’t understand. Easter means Ham. Boiled Eggs. Candy. I settled for a great Masters, a good Gin and Tonic and plenty of Candy. I suppose amid the flurries and 20 degree temperaturs 1 out of 3 ain’t bad.

This post was brought to you by THE OhioGuy.  OhioGuy enjoys talking about himself in the third person, politics, blogging, camping with his sons, bike riding, a good steak, excellent Bourbon and music by Jimmy Buffett. He also enjoys photographing cute kitties, watching cool summer sunsets and long walks on the beach.


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