I’m back …

… and I don’t want to be here. That’s the one thing about vacations that I wish I could change. I would make them last longer.

Thanks OhioGuy for filling in!

Gold and silver … gold is at $676.50 and silver is at $13.888 per ounce. I’ve not even looked at the trends from the last week. And I’m not going to either.

Wow! Where to begin!? We had a great time. There were 14 of us total. My family (4), my in-laws (2) and father in-law’s friends and kids (8). The only time we really spent time together as a group was dinner. We were signed up for first seating (6pm) and seated at the same table every night.

If you have never been on a cruise I would highly recommend it. Last year we cruised with Princess and went to the Caribbean and this year we cruised with Royal Caribbean and went to the “Mexican Rivera”. The cruises were vastly different. There are differences other than the locations and the cost (our Princess cruise was more expensive than the Royal Caribbean cruise). I’ll try to detail those differences here and write more about the trip in another post.

We now have been on two cruises. I have to admit the first cruise (Princess to the Caribbean Islands) was better than the second. There are several reasons why. Princess limits the number of “under 18 passengers” to 15% of the total passenger list. Royal Caribbean does not have that limit. On this trip kids were everywhere. Running in the halls, “riding” the elevators, crashing the adult pool, throwing food in the dinning rooms, harassing other guests left and right. It was really getting annoying. Where were their parents? Our kids are not left unsupervised. Not because I don’t trust them, but because I don’t trust other people. My children’s worst behavior is probably these other kid’s best behavior. I was taught “respect your elders” and my kids were taught that as well.

I’ll admit the adults were not all that well behaved either. Simple manners were not present and I noticed it at our first meal on-board. We had lunch in the “Windjammer Cafe”. Everything there is buffet style service. In the first few minutes I saw at least 10 people pick up food with their hands instead of the tongs or other serving “implements”. I saw at least that same number of people with poor table manners … things like chewing with their mouths open and wiping their mouths with their sleeves. That would not have happened on the Princess ship well maybe the chewing and wiping might have, but there were attendants at the buffet line to make sure you used the proper instrument to serve your own food. But proper table manners is something they cannot do anything about. I’m talking about things other than which fork or knife to use (and I’ll be the first to admit that 4 forks, 3 spoons and 3 knives at the dinner table is a little daunting at first, easy to deal with if you remember one thing … work from the outside in). The things I’m talking about are chewing with your mouth closed, wiping with a napkin, elbows off the table, sitting still while servers bring food, waiting for everyone at the table to be served before starting each course … simple manners. And that is something that comes with people that have money. More on this later …


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