Mexican Ports of Call .. Part 1

We just got back from a Royal Caribbean cruise to Mexico. We had a great time. I’ve written (ranted) about some of the things that bugged me. Things like kids running wild, lack of etiquette and social skills of passengers, common food choices, cost of cabins and cabin size. Last topic to rant on? Our ports of call.

Our cruise sailed to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta (in that order). Oh yeah .. before I go to far into our stops … I have to mention the time zone changes … we had to change times on our watches 10 times on this trip. Once in Dallas (lay-over) back an hour, then in LA back 2 more hours. Not bad .. we gained 3 hours. Then the night before Cabo we had to move our watches ahead one hour. The night before Mazatlan we had to move ahead one hour. And again we moved ahead an hour before Puerto Vallarta. So we lost those three hours. We got them back on our way back to LA, but by then my internal clock was so messed up it didn’t matter. I didn’t change my watch again after leaving Puerto Vallarta.

We left on Sunday evening at 5pm and arrived at Cabo San Lucas at 10:30am on Tuesday. Cabo is beautiful … from our ship. (I’ll have to insert some photos into this entry when I get home). Cabo is what they call a “Tender port”. That means you have to ride boats from the ship to the pier because the harbor is not deep enough for the ship to dock. We sailed past Land’s End’s, a beautiful rock formation rising up out of the sea. You get to see the houses on the hilltops and you see the hotels on the beaches. Very misleading, but very beautiful none the less. But upon closer inspection, once ashore, you see all the flaws. There is definately an economic and social class distinction. There are the “haves” and the “have nots”. We were greeted by the “have nots”. I had heard about the situation, but was floored when I actually had to see it. We live a very rich life, even the poorest in the USA live better than these folks. The “have nots” follow you everywhere trying to get your money. They touch you and cling to you. It was disturbing to the girls. We took a boat tour to Land’s End and Lover’s Beach and got to escape the reality of Cabo for about 2 hours. We then went back to Cabo ready to face what was there. We got some advice from other folks on the beach who were staying there for Spring Break. Nothing worse than getting advice from drunk newly weds and drunk college kids. We shopped around in Cabo a bit and just completely ignored the locals. Didn’t even look at them. It worked for the most part. Maybe the drunk newly weds’ advice was going to work after all. We shopped a bit, stopped at Cabo Wabo to get a bite to eat (I wanted to go there, kids wanted Burger King). We couldn’t get a seat for lunch. We left and decided to head back to the boat for lunch. We’ve been ashore for about 5 hours. It’s hot, and we are all hungry from our tour and ocean beach adventure and our walking/shopping. We went back to the boat and had a late, light lunch, swam a bit in the pool and got ready for dinner.  Needless to say we were disapponted in the first stop. I think had we done the tour and beach thing and had been able to get in a lunch it would have left a better impression.


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