Mexican Ports of Call .. Part 2

Mazatlan was our second stop. And we lost an hour during the night traveling to Mazatlan. We got there at 8:00am. We were up at 9:00am. We got breakfast at the “Windjammer Cafe” and looked at the shipping yard we docked at. The dirt Wal-Martand dust in the air added to the depressed feeling of seeing yet again another poor city. And the confirmation that it was poor was this sign … Yep! Wal-Mart is the Star of Mazatlan. Wal-Mart! After seeing the shipping yard we had to pass through to just get to the terminal to enter Mazatlan the girls were not wanting to leave the ship. Just to get to the terminal you had to take a shuttle about one mile from the boat. And the looks of the town surrounding the terminal just cemented the feelings of girls. I ended up staying on the boat with them while wife and her parents ventured out.

Upon their return we found that it wasn’t nearly as bad off as Cabo, but close. They found a few good deals on .925 silver in town. They took a taxi from the terminal to downtown. There were still the “have nots” asking for money but it was not like Cabo. The town was about 4 miles away from the shipping yard and you could only see the edges of the town from the boat. They had a good time, but they ended up coming back early.

The kids and I hung out at the pools. Daughter2 actually went to the kids’ program for the day. Daughter1 and I hung out together. D1 and I picked D2 up later in the afternoon so she would have someone to hand with at the pool while I went to they gym and worked out. Wife and the in-laws showed up right after I finished my work out. We got a late lunch/snack in the cafe and went back to the pools and hung out until dinner.

SunsetJust before dinner we pulled out of port and set sail for Puerto Vallarta. Sunset occurred during dinner. I ducked out of the dinning room and caught the sunset. It was a beautiful end to good day.



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2 responses to “Mexican Ports of Call .. Part 2

  1. Alicia

    Now do you see why they run/swim/sneak across our border? Not that I advocate illegal immigration, it is just very sad to see how different the life is in Mexico.

  2. There was such an apparent separation of classes that it was in your face. It became clear to me that these people who are begging, selling, scamming or stealing can make in a couple months enough money to take care of their families for an entire year. I can understand why they come to the USA, but to be honest, coming here to make $5.25 an hour and live here, where housing and food and medicine and utilities are at least 10x the cost in Mexico doesn’t make sense.

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