Go away for a week and you miss everything exciting!

Meet Steve Cole. Steve Cole is (more than likely it will become “was”) a volunteer fire fighter in Waynesville. 040507_firefighter.jpgCole is 46. Apparently Cole was arrested for being intoxicated in public. Cole was found walking around Heritage Park in Mason, Ohio, intoxcated, dressed in a bikini and wig. And was possibly fondling himself … according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. His behavior was noticed by a parent with children in the park who called 911 to report Cole. He was picked up shortly after the 911 call. His drunken manner and dress has prompted for the Mason City Prosecutor to ask that Cole be evaluated by a mental health professional. Why? I really want to know why. Is it because he was drunk and dressed like a woman? Or was it because he was wearing a bikini while it was cold outside? If it was because it was cold and he’s wearing a bikini I’d agree he needs help. If it’s just because he was dressed like a woman then let it go.

All I know is I missed out on this and the chance to poke fun when it was timely. Instead I am left to find out about this on my own AFTER the fact and it’s no longer funny. Now it’s just sad. It appears that Cole’s wife of 25 years was not aware of her husbands fetish of dressing up as a woman. How can you keep that secret for 25 year? All I can think is he’s a good liar. Which leads me to question his reasoning for dressing up like a woman to begin with. He was going to a gay bar in Dayton to compete in a contest … the grand prize was $10,000 … right … like I said, he’s a good liar.



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2 responses to “Go away for a week and you miss everything exciting!

  1. Alicia

    This poor guy is from your neck of the woods! I can’t say anything, though, since they found him in a park in my town! The news showed him in court and it looked like his wife was sitting with him. Personally, I’d be telling him he got himself into this mess, he can get himself out and I don’t want my bathing suit back!

  2. Yeah, he lives outside Waynesville. My guess is it’s his bikini. 🙂

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