I really hate it when …

people think their snotty nosed, puking, feverish, whiny, diarrhea filled diaper wearing rug rats aren’t sick. I hate it even more when they have my in-laws and my oldest daughter watch them so they can go to bar-tending school. Yeah .. my wife’s sister-in-law did this.

Growing up, if I was sick I stayed home and in bed and my mom called in to the office to stay home and take care of me. If I threw up or had a fever I stayed home and in bed. If I got sick on Friday and missed school I was not allowed to go out and play even though my “illness” was gone until I went back to school on Monday. Mom made certain we understood that being sick was serious and that if we were too sick for school we were to sick to play. We stayed in bed. Period! That’s how it worked.

I am not that strict at my house, the kids can come down to the living room and watch TV but other than that they are confined to the house and are not allowed to go out and expose other people. My kids are now sick because someone let their sick kids interact with my kids. They are throwing up. Crapping. Whiny. Feverish. Are they in school? NO. Did I send them off to someone’s home to have someone else take care of them? NO. When my wife started feeling bad did I send her home to her mom’s? NO. I am taking care of them. ALL of them. Since 10pm last night I have washed and cleaned up and sanitized the bathroom 3 times because of puke not making it into the toilet. I tried to explain that the tub is bigger, puke into it instead of the toilet, because if diarrhea hits while puking and you’ve puked on the toilet and missed the bowl, you can’t very well sit and shit. It’s really simple. I gave them all buckets or trash cans with plastic liners. Puke in them. Not on my floor or wall or toilet or sink or shower curtain …

What sucks is even the dog has diarrhea! She’s been out to crap 4 times this morning and had the dry gagging heaves on the deck twice. But I think that’s my fault. I bought new rawhides (they were out of the brand we normally get) and they may not be sitting well with her. But then again … if I can blame someone else why not?


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