I make a better nurse than patient

No, I am not sick. I just know I can take better care of people when they are sick than they can take care of me when I’m sick. I can “guess” at what would make them feel better. I remember what’s worked in the past for them and try it again. I can’t base it on what works for me. When I get sick I would prefer that everyone just leave me alone. Get outta my face. Let me deal with it in my own way. That means curled up in a ball under a mountain of blankets with no-one getting in my face.

Shadow has fully recovered. We even took a 35 minute walk yesterday evening to get some “fresh” air. My girls are recovering as well. They actually ate yesterday evening and I dreaded the night because I was certain they would be up puking Orange and Strawberry Jell-O along with saltines and sprite and I would be up doing the clean-up work. That didn’t happen. I slept from 10:30ish until 5:30 this morning uninterrupted except for the persistent alarm clock and it’s snooze button. After hitting it 9 times it finally stopped going off. And a 5 minute snooze isn’t that long unless you multiply by 9. 🙂 I was exhausted yesterday and probably a little cranky as well. I’m still tired today but the cranky feeling is gone.

It looks like this virus is 24 hours. Not going to call it the flu … they never got aches, coughing or runny noses. But they had everything else. Chills, fever, headache, tired and all the digestive related problems. You cannot treat the fever because Tylenol or Motrin would come right back up and for get a suppository! It would have just flown right back out as well. This was one of those it’s best to just let it run it’s course.

With three sick at a time, I went through half of my cleaning supplies. I ended up making a run to the local market to buy more cleaning supplies. At this time I would like to thank the makers of the following products for keeping my home germ free and smelling fresh – Clorox Wipes, Lysol Disinfectant Wash and Sprays, Oust, Gain He Laundry Detergent, Downy, Sno-Bol, the makers of that wand thingy with the disposable scrubbing sponge on the end, Purell, Yankee Candles and Hefty scented small trash bags. Without them, my house would still smell like puke and crap. Seriously, I didn’t want to get it. I kept on top of things. I sprayed, scrubbed, cleaned and repeated all day. My hands are so dry from all the washing/scrubbing/sanitizing and then using Purell.

I’ve been so busy keeping up with things here that I’ve not had a chance to even track gold and silver sales but I did look this morning – gold is at $688.20 and silver is at $13.992. Slight drops but still higher than they were a month ago! I like these little creepy-crawly advances. They don’t make headlines and things happen at a realistic pace.


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