Back to the norm

For the most part we are back to the norm in our home. Kids are back to school. All the bedding has been stripped and washed in hot water with Lysol Disinfectant. The bathroom was cleaned again one last time just to make sure it’s germ free with Lysol Disinfectant. Toothbrushes have been pitched and new ones put in place. Towels are all laundered with Lysol Disinfectant as well. The hallway walls are washed (again with the Lysol Disinfectant), all the doorknobs and frames have been washed and sprayed with Lysol. I think the only thing left to clean is a spot on Daughter1’s carpet. Apparently she is unable to hold a bucket and puke at the same time. She puts it on the floor and aims in a general direction and doesn’t care what she hits. That’s why the bathroom was cleaned 3 times in 12 hours … she could not hit the toilet. I take that back she hit the toilet and everything else in the bathroom. She just could not hit the center of the toilet bowl. Daughter2 treated the whole thing like it was target practice. She didn’t spill a drop when holding the bucket and she can hit the tub by just leaning over while on the toilet. I know. It all sounds gross. But to be honest, this has been my life the last 48 hours. The last 24 hours have been precautionary ones. Keep the kids home. Cleaning everything again and then one more time. Opening windows to air things out.

Whatever the virus was (doubting it was the flu right now), it cleared up in 24 hours and by 36 they were almost back to normal. They had normal dinners last night and slept all night with no problems. Even Shadow resumed her place in our bed between wife and I. And at 4:45 this morning when the alarm went off she even got up and put her head on my pillow next to mine. I like the norm. I appreciate the norm. I want the norm. I’m even back to work. Nope, I never came down with it and was exposed to … well, everything and didn’t get sick. I’ll admit, that I am tired. I don’t sleep well when things are “not right” in the house. Always listening. Waiting. Never fully relaxing. Well this afternoon I’m going to take a well earned break and take a nap. Maybe … 🙂


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