My thoughts on VA Tech shootings

I’ll admit, the shootings are sad. They are a great loss of life. But move on. Every freaking channel has “breaking news” about the shootings. I’m expecting things like hidden bombs going off creating further carnage. Nope that is not what it is. It’s “We are here in blah blah blah, Cho Seung-Hui’s childhood neighborhood, with a guy who bought a house on the same street Cho lived on when he was 5. Sir, can you tell me anything about Cho?” Old guy with ears fuzzier than my navel replies “Uhh, nope. I guess he was a good kid. I never heard anything about him until today when you asked about him. Why, what did he do?”

Since we now know who Anna Nicole’s daughter’s father is (I know .. it would have been easier to say Dannielynn but I want to be like the reporters and spew as many useless words in a row as possible without really saying much of anything worthwhile and wanted to do it without saying anything that will contribute to the value of my readers lives) we have to have something else to obsess about as a nation. Try this on for size and obsess away. The amount of money spent on the Iraqi war could have eliminated every American’s mortgage and credit card debt and paid for every college freshman and sophomore’s first year of tuition, books, room and board as well as have funded the next 10 missions to space. Why not spend that money on giving our troops real body armor? Are you aware that our troops are “fortifying” their transport vehicles with any scrap metal they can find? They are even using plywood to fortify things … freaking plywood! Like that is gonna stop a bullet. Well it might stop a .22 or a pellet or thrown rocks, but in no way will it protect them from real harm.

My heart goes out to the families who lost someone in the shootings. I feel bad for Cho’s parents! They have to live with what their baby boy did. But let’s be honest. What value has been added to your life or mine by constantly reporting the same crap over and over? “Breaking news in the VA Tech shootings! We are here with a VA Tech freshman who was asleep in his dorm room for the last 4 days recovering from an all night party Sunday night. Tommy, did you know you were under lock-down?” Tommy says, “Hi mom! Umm no, Greta I didn’t know. Did I do something wrong? Honest mom, I didn’t do anything. Hey mom, if you’re watching I need more nacho chip money!” Greta says “Tommy, were you upset to learn that the police did nothing to notify you of the situation on campus?” “Greta, I would have freaked if the cops showed up at my dorm. I would have been so busted because of the grow lights and budding pot plants.”

Can we report on real news instead of focusing on things we have no control over? Do you really think stricter gun laws will fix this? I’ll tell you what would fix it. Nudity. And clear plastic backpacks. And body cavity searches at every corner. Come on people. The more we let the media hype this the more we motivate those we elect to do something we don’t want them to do. What if ALL students were required to attend (as part of freshman orientation) a 3 week gun safety course and be certified as marksman? Then maybe someone could have shot him first? Maybe we should have issued guns along with pamphlets on being more sensitive to those who are different? MAYBE someone would have shot him first for stalking that girl. All I can tell you is this .. it does nothing to make my life better to know what a VA Tech student thinks about the situation and to know what time she got up and went to class and what she thought when she got back to the dorms. Today’s news hype is what it is because of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc … what would be cool is to see Greta say something like this “We have nothing to report today. Nothing happened. We don’t have any dirt on anyone because we already exposed it all, so we really have nothing. So today we are going to watch these 2 old guys playing chess in the park.”

Disclaimer: 88.75% of the facts in my writings are made up on the spot to support my rantings. My use of names are pure coincidence if they match up to anyone in real life. This is my opinion. You may not like it. You might think it is right on. It might offend you. You might think I’m insensitive and my humor is in poor taste. I don’t care. You don’t like it, don’t read it. Just like I don’t watch news channels anymore because they only report crap. I don’t watch the local evening news (except the weather) because they don’t report anything that directly impacts me except the weather. When they start reporting, and stop hyping, maybe then I’ll watch.



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2 responses to “My thoughts on VA Tech shootings

  1. Pregnancy

    Unfortunately producers believe this is what the public want. Until the realise the truth, its going to stay that way

  2. Alicia

    I’ve got the perfect channel for you to watch, there is no news media on Nickelodeon! I won’t have a clue if anything news worthy happens.
    I did think it was pretty cool of the families to refuse to come on NBC for giving this sick person so much coverage! (Story read on yahoo news.)

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