New clothes …

One of the side-effects of losing weight is everything fits better. NOT! It did for a while. But now .. well I am trying to shrink things instead of stretching them. Example: I was up to wearing jeans with a 42 inch waist. But now the 38 inch jeans I could pour into are falling off. And that’s all great and stuff. But, well, I have been big for so long all my thinner me clothes are gone, and if they aren’t gone they are terribly out of date. Example: I was a boyscout throughout high-school and for a year into college. So I know it won’t fit right now (I weighed 165-170 coming out of HS at 6’9″ so I KNOW it won’t fit). And I doubt I’ll ever get back down that far. I think I’d literally have to go on a starvation diet to do it. I’ve said it before .. I love to eat. There is no way I could diet.

All through school I rode my bike everywhere so I stayed fit. That and I smoked. So the oral fixation was satisfied by smoking. When I quit smoking I started out with chewing gum then munching carrots then candy-bars. Then I finished college and got a job. I had to give up riding and start driving. And then the weight starting coming up a little at a time. I weighed 190ish by the time I got married and looking at photos of me then I still looked underweight. I’ve tried to find a photo of myself from last summer, but being heavy I hid behind the camera. So rarely was I in a photo unless it was a group photo and I could hide behind everyone else .. or at least hide the lower half of myself behind someone .. 🙂

So back to this clothes thing. I have 7 pair of jeans in sizes from 38″ to 42″ waist. Jeans are my primary wardrobe .. jeans and collared pullover (Polo) shirts.I bought new jeans in September. They are a 40″ waist. They are the first ones purchased after losing a little weight. Then my mother-in-law got me 2 pair of 38″ jeans for Christmas. They are starting to be a bit loose on me now as well. I found a pair of 36″ white jeans (remember when guys wore white jeans?) in the back of the closet. I thougth I’d try them on. They were just a little snug. Kind of like my 38s were in back September.

All of my Polo shirts are a XXL .. and they look baggy. This morning I tried on a XL and it fit! So it looks like I am going to need a bunch of new shirts as well.

The last thing that is going to need to be replace is the briefs. All the FOTL and Hanes are going to have to go. They are too big. I expected the jeans and shorts and shirts to need replacing .. but forgot all about the underwear.

I’m almost to my goal. 220 – 225 is my target. I think I’m going to hold off on buying any new clothes until I get there. Shouldn’t be to much longer. This morning I weighed in at 233.4 pounds. How cool is that!?

And speaking of cool stuff .. Shadow runs with me for 30 minutes. We cover 2.25 miles. I’ve had to adjust her training collar and remove a link. And I had to adjust her regular collar as well. So she’s dropped some weight as well! I don’t know how much, but we’ll find out in a month or so. Don’t tell her, but she’s got a vet appointment next month. Shots are due.


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