April 23, 2007

Lately it seems I have been way to busy. I almost feel out of control because I’m so busy. I’m not really out of control, but that’s how it feels. It feels like there is just too much to do and not enough time. My calendar is cluttered just like my desk and garage. After taking time to look around at my life this past weekend I’ve resolved to do 5 things before June (30 days just isn’t enough time):

  1. Clean up my calendar and stop over-committing.
  2. Clean up my desk and office area at home.
  3. Clean out my closets, drawers and shelves.
  4. Clean out my garage.
  5. Clean up my storage shed.

It’s not much, but these areas are a reflection of who I am. I am not this cluttered and disorganized .. err rather .. I don’t want to be this cluttered and disorganized. So as an exercise in discipline and order I will being this week by cancelling out or moving around things on my calendar that are cluttering it up. So off to clean things up!!!

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