Failure? Or just a setback? Or neither?

I think setback. Failure is to much. Maybe neither.

I had an OK weekend when it came to exercise and watching what I ate … and out of curiosity I stepped on the scale this morning after my shave and shower but before I ate … and I was up 1.4 pounds. The scale read 234.8. I’ve weighed in on several different days in a week and seen half pound gains or drops but this shocked me. And that’s when I realized I could easily become obsessed with losing weight. I’m exercising to become healthy, not to look better, not to drop the numbers, not to impress anyone, I’m doing it to be healthy. I guess the engineer in me is using the number to gauge progress. When improved health is measured more in BMI, BP, HR, LDL, HDL, VO2, Triglycerides, Recovery, Resting HR …. and lastly weight. And all that has improved!

So why does this 1.4 pound weight gain bug me soooo much? I think it’s because it’s the one thing that can be measured and is truly a physical indicator of success in my quest to get into shape. It’s the one thing you can “see”. So is it really a setback? Physically no, mentally it is the first time I’ve seen that much of a “gain” over a couple days and it makes me wonder what I did wrong. And I just have to realize it’s nothing. Just a blip on the radar.Keep doing what I’ve been doing and move on. And don’t get back on this scale until Saturday’s weigh-in.


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