As some of you may know Lerxst is a “name” given to Alex Lifeson of Rush by none other than Alex himself. I’ve been a Rush fan since 1978. Wow! Almost 30 years of being a fan of something …

Rush has wrapped up production on their latest CD and it’s due out on May 1st. The first single has already been getting airplay on WTUE and WEBN out of Dayton and Cincinnati. Rush will be coming to Riverbend on September 1st. Yes, I have my tickets already. I bought 2 as soon as they went on pre-sale sale. Yes, I got seats under the pavilion. They were $55 each. That’s like $35 more than I paid to see them on October 6th, 1984 (that was my first conert). My two $55 tickets cost me $142 … yep! 2 x $55 = $142. It’s called “Ticketmaster Math”. I got screwed by Ticketmaster, just like everyone else buying a ticket through them. And no I didn’t even get a kiss. But they did give me a thank-you … 2 free downloads from iTunes! One for each dicket I bought! So naturally I downloaded the new Rush single “Far Cry”. Not sure what I’ll get with the second one.

So what’s the big deal you ask? It’s who is getting that second ticket. Daughter2 is going with me! I was watching the Rush R30 DVD a few weeks ago (to get primed for the upcoming concert – Thanks Chris for loaning me the DVDs!) and she plopped down on the sofa next to me and asked me to start it over, and turn on the stereo. I was shocked! So of course being a fan I was more than happy to fulfill her request in hopes of bringing up another fan. We’ve watched it a couple times since then. Then she asked if they are going to have any more concerts. I told her about the upcoming show and she asked to go.

Well the tickets arrived last week and Daughter2 been  telling everyone she knows about going to the concert. One of her teachers commented that she was a fan and was going to the show as well. Rush is one of those bands that has dedicated fans attending shows more than the “hey there’s a concert tonight! wanna go?” group. Although with the cost of concert tickets I doubt there are very many left in that crowd. I really hope she has a great time. It’s a unique experience. At 11 years old, I think she may be the youngest person there. And what’s coolest of all is I get to be there for her first “real” concert. No, I won’t count the Aaron Carter concert at King’s Island that she slept through as a real concert. C’mon .. Aaron Carter?


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