Weekends are never long enough … never …

Have you ever just plain and simple run out of time to get things done? That’s me lately. Well that used to be me. I have been working hard to keep myself from over-committing to doing things. And this weekend was a success. Sort of … I got my lawn cut and fertilized, got grandma’s lawn cut, trimmed and fertilized and took care of spreading fertilizer on my in-law’s lawn as well. I got the snowblower cleaned up and “summerized” (moved it to the storage shed and emptied the gas tank and fuel lines). I got the other “snow gear” put up as well. I pulled all the window fan units out of the shed, cleaned them up and got them in the windows. They’ll work great to keep things cool until summer gets here. I finally got all my cruise photos organized and uploaded to my server at home to share out with everyone on the cruise. I got weight-lifting, running, cleaning the deck, and working on my car done as well. Sounds like a bunch right? Still need to prep the flower beds, need to clean the garage, need to replace my power-steering pump and lines on my car (got a leak somewhere), need to take apart the AC unit outside and clean it up for the summer, need to edge the yard (sidewalks look awful when the yard grows on the walks), open the pool, power-wash and seal the deck, scrap/sand/paint all the wood trim on the house, need to caulk all the little cracks and openings … don’t forget to put down the bug killer/repellent on the lawn and flower beds as well as prep the raised bed for tomatoes and peppers and strawberries … and I’m sure there’s tons more to do, but hey .. I have time now .. right?


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