You know what sucks about getting in shape?


But there are drawbacks … well not drawbacks … not sure how to classify the following:

    1. Clothes don’t fit anymore … need to buy new ones … I hate shopping for clothes.
    2. Running shoes really are only good for about 500 miles … seriously, they are … the support in my Asics is gone. My feet hurt if I wear them to run/walk. They don’t even look worn out. But I can feel the support is gone. Need to buy a pair to replace these.
    3. I used to burn about 820 calories in an hour of running/walking (can’t run a full hour yet) but now I burn 705 in an hour using the same treadmill program I came up with 6 months ago. It’s because I’ve lost weight. Yep, losing weight means your body works less to travel the same distance. I now have to work harder or longer to burn the same number of calories.
    4. My maximum heart rate is getting harder to keep in the 70-90% target range for max cardio benefits. On top of that my heart rate recovery time is much shorter as well, so my cool-down is getting shorter which means my workout has to be longer.
    5. I feel cold … not cold, I just don’t feel warm anymore. I used to have hot hands and feet. Now they just feel normal. Not cold just normal. I need blankets and socks at night, not just a sheet, to keep warm. I guess I have less insulation to keep me warm.
    6. I can’t eat 1/2 a pizza anymore … I might be able to if I get a smaller one. 🙂
    7. How much fiber is too much? Fiber One cereal has 14g of fiber in one serving. The RDA is set at 25g. I’m taking in 30 between my Fiber One, high fiber foods and the protein shakes I use after workouts and running.
    8. Red meat is bad. Not really, but I’ve noticed it slows down my digestive system. It just sits there. I used to be able to eat a 12oz New York Strip and had no problems. I now cut mine in half and it still just sits in my gut … Same thing with hamburger dishes .. they just sit there. I’ve been reading up on how our bodies digest foods and red meats just kind of rot in the digestive system and move out very slowly. So does pork. I had a really lean pork chop the other day and it still feels like I’m “backed up” from it.
    9. Fitness gear is expensive! I bought a Polar F55 fitness watch as a gift to myself for Christmas. It has a chest strap/sensor and does a great job monitoring my heart rate. It’s got tons of features that I’ve barely begun to use. I got it on eBay for $149. That saved me almost $60 on the retail pricing. Running shoes are expensive too. I’ve burned up one pair already. But it goes beyond that. I have 2 pair that I alternate for running outside and I have 2 pair that I alternate when I run on the treadmill. Believe it or not there is a difference in the support you need for different surfaces.
    10. Getting in shape takes time. I have made it a habit to go to the Y every Tues/Thurs/Sat. It takes 20 minutes to get there, 50 minutes to work out, 20 minutes to get home. On top of that I run with Shadow Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat for 30 minutes and then spend another 30 minutes on the treadmill on Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat. It takes time. Lots of time. I usually take Sunday off. Your body does need time to rest.
    11. Eating health is expensive too! Fresh fruits and veggies are expensive. And if you don’t eat them all before they go bad … it’s like taking $20 and just putting it in the trash … So you have to carefully plan out what you buy.
    12. The hardest thing for me is slowing down for those around me. Example: My wife has walked with me and Shadow a few times and my heart rate barely breaks 100. On our dog walks, I like to keep my heart rate above 125, which is really easy to do because we run 1.5 miles of our 2.25 mile loop through town. It takes us about 30 minutes when it’s just the two of us. After we get back to the house Shadow gets her drink and takes a breather and I hit the treadmill for another 30 minutes. When I go with someone it takes 45 minutes … and then I spend about that much more time on the treadmill because I didn’t get my heart rate up.

They aren’t drawbacks … just challenges I guess.



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2 responses to “You know what sucks about getting in shape?

  1. Alicia

    When you have that Dr. appt to review your weight loss, mention the hands and the feet. You’re probably right about the less insulation, but it’s something s/he would want to know.

  2. It’s not that my hands or feet are cold, I just don’t feel hot anymore. My wife used to put her cold feet on my hot feet to warm her’s up and I didn’t mind because her cold feet would cool mine off. Now I get the cold feet on the backs of my legs because my feet aren’t “warm enough” anymore. I’ll bring it up, but from what I understand after reading and reading about it, the improved circulation from exercise has helped to regulate my body temp. So the extremities no longer get “hot” to cool off the body … but I will bring it up.

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