Still can’t seem to find enough time

First off, to all you moms out there – Happy Mother’s Day! (a day late I know)

This “Hallmark Holiday” sucks for me. It servers as a reminder of what I don’t have to make it complete, my mom. But I’m getting used to not having her around anymore. For anyone who has lost a parent … my heart goes out to you. My mom has been gone for 8 years … is that right? Sometimes it feels like she died just yesterday and sometimes it feels like 20 years have passed. Don’t get me wrong. I celebrate my wife being the mother of my children. And we honor my mother-in-law as well. I have a great mother-in-law. I don’t think I could have asked for a better one. Except for maybe if she’d hit the lottery … that would be better. But she’s just not my mom.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how weekends were not long enough. Well they still aren’t long enough. I’ve got an e-mail in to my congressman to see if he can help make them longer. My weekend started with seeing a puddle of power-steering fluid under my car at 7am Saturday. So I drove my wife’s car to meet my friend from church for breakfast. Had breakfast and got home by 8:45. I hand washed wife’s car. Dried and waxed it as well as cleaned the windows. Washed my car too. I fixed the screen door going to our deck. Got my power washer out and was going to clean the deck … but didn’t get that far because the weather was so nice. I pulled the cover off the pool and started the opening process. The water didn’t look too bad considering the cover had torn with all the weight of the snow and ice. I got 9 years out of a cover with an 8 year warranty. I’ll need to buy a new one sometime before the end of the season. Got the pump working and vacuumed out the pool. Started the chemical balancing act and have been running the filter to clear up the water. As of this morning it looks almost perfect.

I got the grass cut and trimmed Saturday as well. Worked a bit on the flower beds. Set some patio pavers for the fire pit. Grabbed the wheel barrow to move some stuff and found the tire flat and the seal broken. Need to take it apart and and see if I can reseal it and inflate it.

I hit 227lbs over the weekend. I’m 2 pounds from my weight goal zone of 220 to 225. Once I hit it I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve been pushing the exercise for so long. It’s become a habit. And I enjoy it. Especially running with Shadow. I guess eating more? I love weight lifting and running … do I scale those back? Or should I push for a leaner me and enter the weight zone all the charts say I should be in? I guess I didn’t plan this part .. what to do when I get there. Maybe I thought I’d never get there.


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