I love this time of year

Especially when the weather cooperates and it actually acts like spring. Usually we go from winter to summer in a matter of weeks. It looks like we are going to finally have a spring here. I’ve loved the cool nights and days! I can keep the house open and aired out until summer gets here. Then on goes the AC. But until then, I will keep the windows open as long as I can. The cools nights are great for sleeping too! I pile on an extra blanket and get Shadow to sleep between wife and I. It keeps wife’s cold feet from finding my legs. Shadow is like a bed warmer that heats just the foot of the bed.

Everything greens up and comes to life in the spring. Yards start looking nice again. People are out walking and kids are out playing. We have a corner lot. And it used to bother me that kids congregate and hang out in the yard. But now I don’t care. I remember what it was like to be a kid and be out running, biking, skateboarding and playing in the yards all over the neighborhood. We didn’t have to worry about anything. And if kids want to hang out in the side yard by the corner, let ’em. They need a safe place. Besides with the windows open you can “overhear” everything they talk about. 🙂 It helps to keep me up on what kids are doing and saying today. You know what?! It’s nothing new. We said the same stupid stuff when I was 13 … And that was a reassuring feeling. It calmed that “yearning for simpler times”.

I love getting to run outside with Shadow too! This weather has been perfect! Warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirt but cool enough to not sweat too much! If it was summer, I doubt we’d be out running much. I don’t think Shadow would really like the heat. I might have to move our running time to before work and just take her out to the yard to play in the evenings.

I love this time of year …


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