Since August 2004 I have been trying to get Packet8 to port my Embarq (formerly known as Sprint) home phone. VOIP is the future. It’s way cheaper … until the government agencies figure out how to tax it that is. Embarq actually had a great plan for $24.99 a month. The problem was I had to pay $5 a month for a “privacy manager” (rejects unknown/blocked caller IDs) and I had to pay almost $15 in fees and taxes. My Embarq phone bill was $47 a month. My Packet8 bill is $25 per month after all “taxes and fees”. And that includes my $1.99 per month E911 fee and any long distance. I had shut off the long distance from Embarq for over a year now and we’ve use Packet8. Finally … I am free from Sprint/Embarq. May 16th was the cut-over date. We had a few missed calls yesterday but by noon things were working flawlessly! Thank you Packet8!

OK .. the common threat from the phone company is this .. “What are you going to do when the power goes out?” Packet8 thought of that. I can setup my line to automagically transfer inbound calls to my cell if they cannot reach my ATA. But I took it a step farther. I have a UPS that will run my cable modem, the Packet8 ATA, the cordless basestation and my wireless router for up to 8 hours. (I plugged the UPS back in after 8 hours I could have gotten longer if I pushed it) That means I can use my laptop and surf if needed, I can make phone calls if needed. But seriously, if the power goes out I have 4 cell phones to use. And extra batteries that are always charged. So if it looks like it’s going to be a while … I can go a day or two if necessary. Take that Embarq!

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