Lessons learned

Lesson 1 – I’m really close to where I wanted to be with my weight. I set a target zone of 220 to 225 pound. I was 227lbs last Monday. I tried modifying my workout routine and running schedule to see if I can “maintain” a specific weight for a week. I screwed that up! I’m up 1.6 pounds. Well not really, Tuesday I dropped to 226 even and by Monday morning I was back up to 227.6. No, I didn’t get on the scale at all until Monday. I didn’t modify what I was eating. All I did was cut back from running 5 days to 2 and went from 3 days of weight lifting to 2. It’s apparent that I need more exercise to maintain. So this week, I’m starting at 227.6 and going to run 3 days and lift 3. I’m hoping that will help to keep me steady. Again, not modifying what I eat. Lesson learned is I need to keep exercising or change my eating habits. It’s easier to exercise if you ask me.

Lesson 2 – I have got to get time to work on my car, clean my garage, power wash the deck and clean the siding. Not matter how much free time I think I have to accomplish tasks it usually ends up being less than a couple hours each weekend. Instead of planning 3 things, plan 1. This weekend is my car, the rear brakes need replaced and the power steering leak needs to be fixed. I’m planning on just the brakes getting done. If I get more done woo hoo! If not, I won’t feel so freaking frustrated come Monday morning!

Lesson 3 – No matter how much money I think I have left over from each paycheck it gets spent on something. Seriously it does. The biggest part has been going to gas and food! My grocery bills used to run right around $100 per week. Around Christmas they were going to to $115 .. the last 3 weeks they averaged $137. I filled up my Pontiac Grand Am yesterday morning and paid $3.19 per gallon … total came to $45 to fill up. I’m looking at picking up a scooter or small motorcycle to get to and from work. If I could buy 3 gallons of gas and get 180 miles on that I’d be saving almost $30 a week. So I’m trying to put aside about $600 to buy a scooter. Only have to travel 44 miles a day. Instead of burning 2 gallons of gas a day I’d burn less than 1. That’s like 1/2 price travel if you ask me. And since I go into work for 6am I avoid most of the rush hour drivers. And I head home at 3pm … again ahead of the rush. So if you see a really tall guy on a scooter around town wave!


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