More lessons I’ve learned

Always wear socks when wearing shoes. No exceptions. I don’t care how wet your feet will get, wear the socks. Or footies or what ever you want to call them. I always wear an old ratty pair of athletic shoes (generic wally-world $18.88 athletic shoes) to do any yard work. They weren’t always ratty. They were new at one time. I just wore them out. They were the first pair of athletic shoes I bought when I started working out. But that’s not the point who cares about them. Wearing socks is the point I want to make. I power washed my decks this weekend. I finished the pool deck in 3 1/2 hours on Friday. On Saturday I had gotten up, done my usual breakfast at Cracker Barrel, got home, helped my father-in-law re-wire a few things on his rental, picked up a truck load of mulch for the flowerbeds and cleaned off the deck attached to the house. It’s 24′ x 24′. It’s a rather large deck and we had all the outdoor furniture out but that went quick too. Once I got the furniture off I used the leaf blower to sweep it clean (why do manual labor if you can use a power tool!). I got the power washer started up around 11:30am (yes it was a busy day considering it was only 11:30am). I finished around 5pm (no i did not wear socks Saturday because my shoes were still wet from Friday). Came in, got cleaned up and went to dinner at Applebee’s with daughter2 and wife and then went see Spiderman at 7:15pm. After the movie was over I notice my foot was really sore. Specifically my big toe and the ball of my left foot. I got home took the shoes off and started to take sock off and it was “sticking” to the ball and toe. Not a good sign. Once I got the sock off I found a huge blister on the toe and ball of my foot. Both had “popped” and drained. But the skin on the toe had peeled off. The skin on the ball was still intact. Needless to say my foot really hurts. Had I worn socks I think the blisters would not have cropped up. I could be wrong but I really feel it would have prevented it. See you can teach an old dog new tricks.


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