Bad headache …

Woke up around 2am with a splitting headache. I felt it coming on before bed. I just figured it would go away while I slept. It only got worse. It got so bad it work me up. I’ve taken Motrin (I believe in brand name pain relievers). No help. I tried rubbing the usual tension spots in my neck with no luck. Any ideas?



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2 responses to “Bad headache …

  1. Miles Away

    Sometimes Motrin and Advil don’t work for my headaches so I use Excedrine Tension and Excedrine Migraine. They are packed with a lot of caffine so I typically break them in half. Further, if I take one pill on an empty stomach it will give me the shakes for hours. In cases where you can’t get rid of a headache, they work wonders.

  2. It finally went away .. after I finished my weight lifting after work. I took a long hot shower and just stood under the water for a good 15 minutes. It loosened up my neck and I was able to “crack” it.

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