Running on roads

I’m allowed to run/walk/lift. With some restrictions according to my surgeon. I was relieved because I have cheated and used the treadmill when I wasn’t supposed to. Treadmill walking/running is straight ahead, no turns, no curbs, no obstacles .. easy, repetitive movement.

Running (or walking for that matter) on paved roads and sidewalks is tougher on your body than you think. I found out the hard way. I think I’m going back to just running/walking on the treadmill. Shadow will have to get her exercise in the yard playing fetch until after my surgery and recovery. I got brave and decided to take to the pavement yesterday and take our usual 2.5 mile loop through town. It has hills, curbs, cars, yards, fields and other obstacles. And they make for tough walking/running. About 18 minutes into the walk/run I felt like I was cramping up. It was hot so I thought it was possible. We stopped at the park both of us got drinks at the fountain. I felt a little better and we started off again. By minute number 25 I was in agony. We cut our walk short and went home. I proceeded to writhe in agony for about 20 minutes. Once I got the nerve up, I looked at the bulge in my groin and  reached down to move things back into place. Once I did I was greeted by instant relief which was followed by about 5 minutes of wanting to hurl.

No more road running until this is repaired. Okay .. not repaired. Repaired implies I want to keep the hernia. I want it “cured”.


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