They make sun screen for a reason …

This weekend was great pool weather. And I made sure I used mine. Nothing but sun. Well Sunday we had a shower around 7am and then again around 5pm. And both only lasted about 15 minutes. Long enough to make it humid and sticky. But Saturday was nothing but sun. Most of Sunday was sun, so yeah .. I was in the pool.

I guess I should explain that usually when I get in the pool it’s to do work … like cleaning, opening, closing, patching … But this weekend was mostly float time. Yeah I spent time vacuuming the bottom, cleaning the skimmer and back-washing the filter, but most of it was spent floating.

And with floating you are part in the water, part out. Always getting wet and staying cool. So you never notice the sunburn creeping in. Saturday I wore the SPF45 stuff. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. But yesterday was cloudy off and on so I didn’t really think about it. Besides I was out of the pool working on the filter and cleaning the solar cover (it was loaded with dust/dirt and leaves and pine needles). I was moving around … there’s no way the sun could concentrate on me. Right? đŸ™‚ My shoulders and upper back are slightly burned and a bit tender this morning. And you know, I nagged my girls to put on sun screen, yet I didn’t do it. Having lost 65 pounds (yep I’m down to 222.6) I feel better about myself and can walk around the yard without a shirt and not feel self-conscious, I’ve forgotten how easy it is to burn.

I can’t remember the last time I had a sunburn on my back and shoulders. As a matter of fact I can’t remember the last time I was 222. I know it was before 1995. Because that’s when I got my suits (I hate to wear them so they stay new looking). As a matter of fact I went to put on a suit for a wedding we were invited to and it looked way too big. It looked like I had borrowed it. I’m going to have to go to a taylor and have them taken in. And I need new dress shirts as well. All the 18 1/2″ collars are about an inch and one half too big. As a matter of fact I need all new jeans, shorts, anything that goes around my waist. Yep, even the undershorts are needing replaced.

Anyone have a remedy to stop the slight sting of sunburn other than time or aloe?


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