Hospital admissions changes

Here’s a news flash. If you have to have surgery, the doctor calls the hospital and schedules it. Then the admissions folks call you to get your insurance info. They call the insurance and get you “pre-approved” and find out what your coverage is. In my case my hernia repair has a co-pay of $400 … well rather that’s my un-met deductible for the year for me. THEN it’s covered 80%. I pay the remaining 20%. Say what? I’m thinking this is the year to get medical procedures done if I want them. Maybe I should look into getting some lipo while I’m under … you know … bundle the services and get a deal like TimeWarner does with phone/Internet/cable. If I could get 8 pounds lipoed out I wouldn’t have to worry so much about getting back to exercising … hey, better yet move the remaining fat from my belly to my butt. I don’t have much of a butt. How much could I save?

Sorry went off on a tangent there … so I get this phone call from the hospital 20 minutes after I get the approval and it’s the billing department and they want payment UP FRONT for the surgery. Fortunately I have a FSA account through work that still has $940 on it. That will cover the $400 deductible. I told them that I will pay them when I show up. I was hesitant to pass out credit card information on the phone. They didn’t object. I wonder if I can negotiate a better bill? 🙂 I have insurance, I am prepaying my $400 deductible … maybe I can reduce the final bill.

So when did they change how things work? I remember the last time I had to have some hospital stuff done they said they would itemize everything, submit it to my insurance and then bill me the balance. When did that change?



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2 responses to “Hospital admissions changes

  1. Alicia

    I had #4 in 2004 and MVH wanted my co-pay way in advance of when I had her. I told them I wouldn’t pay until I was admitted. (Had her on a Friday night and on Saturday morning, patient accounts was in my room for payment!!)

  2. From what I understand the hospitals are trying to avoid carrying patient bills on their books. Supposedly it saves the patients money because they can charge less because they get paid … it boils down to those who have paying for those who don’t have. There is something seriously wrong with the medical system in this country. It’s got to be fixed soon or things will just get worse …

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