Those who have not learned from the past …

… are bound to repeat it.

It’s seems like deja vu to me. Perhaps I wrote about it here or I didn’t. Yesterday was a paid day to play. And I did that. Wife and kids met me at Kings Island. We rode rides. We ate lunch. We went to the water park. We found lounge chairs. Kids changed and it the pool. Wife changed and hit the pool as well. I changed and walked on concrete .. barefoot. I now have blisters on the balls of each foot. Huge blisters. I did this same exact thing 2 years ago. All because I didn’t wear flip-flops to protect my feet then or this time. I’ve learned my lesson. Flip-Flops will always be worn in the water parks or pools we visit!!!
Personally I think it happened for a reason. I think God knew I was planning on pushing my recovery from surgery and would get back to running too soon. With these blisters, it will be 2 weeks before I can walk without pain. So … scratch my “speedy recovery” plans.

We had a great time! The foot thing was a bummer, but I’m rolling with it. What sucked was the ride home from the park. Got on the bus, it was nice and cool. Was settled in chatting with co-workers who wondered where I got off to. Explained the foot thing. We started back to work and about 10 minutes into the 40 minute ride the AC on the bus died. By the time we got back to work the 94 degree, muggy temps outside felt like the world was Air Conditioned. Getting in my hot car for the ride home was even more bearable compared to the bus ride.


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