I hate my pool

Not really but I’m a bit frustrated with it. For anyone who has owned an above-ground pool I think you will be able to relate to my frustration.

Pools are a money pit. Period. No ands/if/buts about it. Last year the liner of my pool got cut in several spots and sprung a leak.That leak occurred on the cove and washed sand out from under the pool wall. I had to go through the hassle of replacing the liner. And I learned a great deal from the experience. It wasn’t as hard as it seems. Most leaks can be patched, especially when they occur on the pool floor. Last year there was no saving the liner or plugging that leak.When you first get that above-ground pool you have a fear of springing a leak. And over time when that leak doesn’t happen you develop a sense of ease regarding leaks. And when the little punctures that occur on the floor are easily patched you draw more comfort. Until you get the wash-out leak. Since then I resumed the fear of springing another leak. All that leads up to this …

Yesterday evening I’m sitting with my feet propped up shoes and socks off letting my blisters drain and dry. We had just finished dinner and Shadow and I were settling in to watch a few shows on the DVR. Wife comes up and sits on the bed and says “I don’t know how to tell you this. We have a problem.” At this point I have no idea what problems are possible. Life is pretty good. Money is tight but not so tight that it’s a problem. So my mind is racing. She then says, “I know there’s not much you can do with your feet the way they are, but if you tell me what to do I’ll try to take care of it. I think the pool has a leak.” My heart stops. I feel sick. I have to force myself to not get upset .. it’s just a pool. It’s not a big deal. I get on my socks and shoes (my feet really hurt if I walk barefoot). We go out to the pool and I’m looking for wet spots. Wife says the ground is wet everywhere, it’s raining. I tell her to look for swap-like wet spots, mushy, squishy ground. And then we find it. On the back side of the pool near the pump. My heart races .. I’m thinking I’ve got to replace the liner again! On closer inspection I notice the hose has fallen off (I’m thinking most likely been pulled off) the bottom of the skimmer. I had to hobble back to the garage, get my tools and loosen the clamp, replace the hose and tighten the clamp back up. All in the pouring rain. Then the lightening and thunder started up. I had wife turn hook up a garden hose and proceeded to refill the pool. After an hour she went back to check the water level and found the hose was off the skimmer again. I went back out, got some sandpaper, roughed up the skimmer fitting, roughed up the inside of the hose, replaced the hose and tightened the clamp again. Turned the garden hose back on and added water for about an hour. It was holding. I turned off the garden hose and I’m waiting to see how the hose is holding on. If it’s still on when I get home we’ll refill the pool.


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